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An old library with books taking all space in the wall is being used to represent how culture can also be a type of predatory energy

Predatory Energy: Culture

Last time I introduced these thoughts:

What is predatory energy? In loose terms, predatory energy is any form of energy that can or wants to influence your energy, thereby removing the free will of the soul.

Fishing boat stranded on a pier after the Japan Tsunami of 2011

Thoughts About the Japanese Disaster

Many of you have requested my thoughts concerning the Japanese disaster. There are many situations that human beings cannot possibly understand, and this is one of them. My thoughts, compassion and tears go out to the Japanese people, especially to those who have lost loved ones.

A butterfly resting on a flower is an example of elemental energy found in animal's perception

Elemental Energy 5: The Animal’s Perceptions

In the last four newsletters, I have been talking about Elemental energy. I have pointed out some of the ways I see it is formed and some of the ways I read it and some of the ways I perceive it. I want to explain a more intimate point of view. How I see our pain helps and hinders us all at the same time.

An older man with eyes closed and covering part of his face with his hand can show the predatory energy known as curse

Predatory Energy: Curses

What is predatory energy? In lose terms: Any form of energy that wants to influence your energy. Thereby removing the free will of the soul.

Two fingers shown as caricatures are used to represent the predatory energy known as fear


Because of these economic times I feel the need to address something that we can all feel and can be seduced by, Fear. It has crept into our being for many reasons that I will not get into now. That being said, it has become part of our lives.



I want to take this time to ask you to remember the power of intent. It is of particular importance now as we are about to inaugurate a new President.

A rainbow mosaic mural can represent energetic values

Elemental Energy 2: Values

In the last newsletter, we talked about the knowledge that we are energy beings. This newsletter is a bit unusual as it needed to be in a more technical voice. Please bear with this change.