Eric’s Personal Journey

Eric Thorton the master spiritual healer, medium, author and exorcist; ponders in his Zen-style garden

Just an ordinary man…

I am a spiritual healer with uniquely developed gifts for moving energy to allow physical and emotional improvements in people’s lives. Other than that, I am an ordinary man who works to support his family and pay his mortgage, worries about his expanding waistline, and eats, sleeps, laughs and cries just like anyone else.

As a little boy I saw and felt things beyond the capabilities of other little children and adults, although I did not realize, at the time, that my experiences were unusual. While my early life had its share of pain and loss, perhaps more than most, it also had more than its share of wondrous experiences involving amazing connections with other living creatures and incredible sources of energy and beauty. I assumed all little children saw and heard and felt these things… I was a little boy; what did I know?

…but I had to admit I was different.

I grew up to be a building contractor and have worked in that field for about 20 years. Although I was aware that I could see into people’s energy, feel their pain, know their suffering, I dismissed these “knowings.” I used my hands to build peoples homes and continued to keep my experiences hidden. I was reluctant to admit I could use my hands for healing, even though I had reluctantly done so a many times. Alone in my experiences, I had no frame of reference from which to make sense of any them. When I married, I didn’t even tell my wife.

It was not until I met with a psychotherapist to whom I had gone for career counseling that I learned to embrace my gifts. I began to build a healing practice and learn from a variety of excellent practitioners all around me. Experience taught me how to protect myself from danger, and my guidance taught me how to apply my gifts ethically for the good of humanity. That’s when I made the shift from repairing houses full-time to repairing people full-time.

The angels and guides suggested I write a book!

Me, write a book?! You’ve got to be kidding!

A few years ago, in agony with kidney stones to the point that I had to suspend my practice, I finally listened to the Guides on whom I had learned to rely for direction and leadership, and the message was clear: Write a book. For almost three years I stopped seeing patients in order to apply my overwhelmed dyslexic brain to the accomplishment of this writing task. My goals were pure and simple:

  • To bring to the general reading public, in the simplest of terms, an understanding of the process of spiritual healing/Eternal Psychology®
  • To bring out into the sunlight the gift of healing which everyone possesses as a birthright, but which few of us develop and apply for the common good.
  • To open a dialog about the role of a healing tradition feared and shunned in contemporary society but rooted in every ancient tradition and revered in every culture throughout history.
  • To give hope to others who might recognize in themselves the signs of a special gift but who, like me, are confused about how or when – or even whether – they should be used.

Through my book and my healing sessions, I hope to be able to move spiritual healing into the cultural mainstream and offer encouragement and support to individuals wishing to explore their own unique gifts. My book, is Titled: Educating the Soul: Spiritual Healing and our Eternal Psychology®.

My clients often say to me: “Eric, you’re so normal, but you’re out there…” This is so true; I walk the same daily path that every person does.

I have my soul lessons. I get frustrated and sometimes even angry about my own processes that are painful and elusive. But, I have learned to look at all of my life metaphorically and trust that there is a reason for everything, even If I go down “screaming” in my humanity.