Elemental Energy 1: The Basic Energy Generated from the Body Soul Union

Blue lightning contained in a glass orb as representation of elemental energy
Photo by Nicholas Petrone on Flickr Commons

A few examples include EKGs, brain wave monitoring, computer generated imaging of the body, skin reaction tests, and pulse monitoring. Some of these tests often read the heat density of areas of the body for a computer program to assemble the information in various colors for different heat and/or densities. (Anecdotal information)

Although in more subtle ways, traditional Eastern medicine has used this information for centuries. Acupuncture recognizes the positive and negative polarities of our energy and the pathways of it though the body. Some chiropractors and massage therapists use these same subtle energies when they feel hot and cold spots as places to balance through their work.

All energy has mass (remember Einstein) and can be viewed and experienced with the right tools including human experience. As of yet science has not been able to capture our energy for study. (Did you know that science still does not understand exactly what electricity is and its resource?) But, science has proven that if we take a cell of our body and put it in an electron microscope, what is viewed is the actual shadow of an atom, not the atom itself as it is moving too fast for our brains to see.

As we move forward into the future, science continues to prove one of the least understood perceptions of our age: Humans are multi-dimensional energetic beings. For me, I am most fortunate to have the gifts to witness our energetic selves when I work on people, however, science has yet to postulate what I specifically see and experience. Another example of this is in this thought that I came across lately in my reading; If you took all of the actual mass of every human being currently alive (some 6 billion), we would all measure into one cubic inch. On this very subject, my good friend, Larry, described to me something he had come across recently: If the nucleus of an atom were basketball size then nearest proton would be 23 miles away. Just now, science is starting to delve into how our minds and bodies operate and also what occupies the spaces between what we see. All of these questions and subsequent answers continue to point to the fact that we are indeed energetic beings.

Another point that I have made to many of you in session is that science has begun to recognize that when we die, the human body becomes 1/100 of a gram lighter. Yes, this is a small difference, however, science has postulated that the resulting loss of matter could actually be the soul, which until now has been thought to be elusive to measurement. In fact, from what I understand, there is a movie called 27 Hundredths that raises this question and may even possibly use scientific evidence to illustrate this phenomenon. I believe that it is a measurement of the movement of soul energy from the body into the ethers. Mr. Eckhart Tole calls this part of a person ‘The Observer’.

All of what I am writing about here is what I call elemental energy, which is the basic energy generated by the body soul union or in Hebrew, the Somas.

Please allow me to start pulling these points together for this newsletter as more will come in the next: If we are in fact energy beings that apparently have two parts that together create bio electric energy and we know that all energy effects other energy such as applying heat or gravity, then are we not affecting our selves and others by every thought and action we take? If so, how does that affect ourselves, others, and ultimately the world in which we occupy?

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