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A Message From My Guides On Repairing the Matrix!

I have been actively working with Ashley James, who has generously conducted many podcast interviews with me for her Learn True Health Podcast. These podcasts can be found on the left column on the homepage of my website right under Lectures and Conversations. Very recently, I was working with Ashley James on a podcast interview. We had an exciting discussion as we were talking about the energetics of the COVID-19.

Illustration of COVID-19, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As expected, I have been asked about both the guides and my perspective on COVID-19: Well, this is a virus has a lot of the usual conspiracy theories behind it. At this point, this is not too important as the fact is that we all have to deal with it. There is a great deal of hearsay around the virus with many people starting to resort to an all out panic. Of course, we all need to have prudence, so yes, having a full pantry is nice, but not necessary. The toilet paper wars are really not necessary either as one can always clean things with other things like water in a squirt bottle!

Sun rays shining through a pine forest show happiness and enlightenment

Happiness is a Choice—Enlightenment is Deeper

During the last year and a half of recovery, while seeing clients and dealing with the challenges of life, I have been taught many things. I have learned to put much of what I teach people to a more advanced personal practice. I get to make different choices. I am shown enlightenment or spiritual awareness is accepting what is, is.