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A person can't decide which channel to view on a flat screen TV. Information overload is a sign of the times

Sign of the Times

Regularly, I am questioned about our reality and what may or may not occur in the future.  Although free choice provides many different opportunities, it is always important to understand that the instability we are experiencing has the primary purpose of teaching. 

A stack of rocks is being knocked out by a surf. The synergy created can represent energetic PTSD

Energetic PTSD

PTSD seems to occur after intense and prolonged energetic traumas, just like it does from intense and or prolonged physical experiences. It is interesting that I often observe that the prolonged intense energetic experiences can be caused by the individual themselves.

Graphic composition of opposing forces colliding against each other can be seen as a representation of possessions and demons

In-depth Article: Possessions and Demons

I want to briefly cover a subject that is not easy to talk about in our society: possessions and demons.

Quite often, clients ask me if they do exist and how much effect they have on our personal day-to-day lives.

A butterfly resting on a flower is an example of elemental energy found in animal's perception

Elemental Energy 5: The Animal’s Perceptions

In the last four newsletters, I have been talking about Elemental energy. I have pointed out some of the ways I see it is formed and some of the ways I read it and some of the ways I perceive it. I want to explain a more intimate point of view. How I see our pain helps and hinders us all at the same time.