Introducing Animal Talk and Animal Medical Intuitive

Two horses having a vivid animal talk
Photo by kudybadorota on Pixabay

Hi Everyone,

Wow! Summer went by so fast! We are now into the fall! Love the cooler September weather but still very nice outside. Hope you are all getting out and enjoying it! We did some biking recently and of course; the yard work has been part of the work around here.

Throughout summer, I have been having some new adventures with animal work. Years ago I had done a lot of this type of work so I decided it was time to expand the outreach again! I have had many occasions over the years to work with client’s pets. I am truly enjoying the great results healing pets. Recently I have worked at several barns with a lot of horses and other animals to read and give advice for their care and happiness! I do recommend that any medical advice should be investigated by a veterinarian. I am a big proponent of science proving the advice whenever possible. Sometimes the advice we give exposes a lot to the veterinarian that they would not have noticed without the advice from the work.

I work with all kinds of pets. Usually, this type of work is done in person but occasionally it can be done long distance. As with humans, animals have to be approached with respect and gentleness, since they have to learn and be shown they can trust the work and me. What this means is that each case has to be carefully looked at, either in person or via long distance phone call–whichever it’s best.

I want to share with you today testimonials from recent clients who decided to trust the work.

I look forward to doing a great deal more work with our pets!

Cheers and G’day!


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