Animal Talk and Medical Intuitive

Animal talk and medical intuitive were my very first experiences in healing. I am shown what the animal wants, needs or wishes: past, present, and future. I give advice on how to treat, feed and take care of animals specifically. This type of work can be done long distance in some cases. I recommend that a veterinarian investigate any medical advice. I am a big proponent of science proving the advice when ever possible.

One time when I was young, I was walking through our yard, which bordered the local forest comprising 1000 acres of public land. In the corner of our lot was a large woodpile. I was near it when I noticed a bobcat. The feline had a huge abscess near its head. Then, I heard bobcat kittens meowing; now, I knew this in front of me was their mother. The kittens’ mother was going to die. I felt a great deal of empathy for her and her offspring. Suddenly I felt a surge of energy from my body which traveled to the female bobcat. She did not step away or panic, she just stood there looking straight at me. I saw (and felt) myself being tugged towards her. I also saw some sort of light with energy variances similar to sparks. The mother stood there for a long time (five minutes or so) while I watch the abscess get visibly smaller.

She eventually turned toward her kittens and slowly moved to them. She was in no hurry. The bobcat grabbed each one of her kittens by the neck and took them into a bramble patch behind our property. One by one she carried them very gently and set them down. If my memory serves me right, I believe there were 4 kittens. When the kittens were moved, the mother turned to me and lowered her head. She slowly blinked her eyes at me as if to acknowledge the changes she felt. It was a wonderful experience healing her.

I never saw them again. I was happy about that as the hunters in the neighborhood found out that I helped some random bobcat and her kittens. They demanded to know where I had seen them so they could shoot them. Fortunately, the bobcats were long gone so when the word got out I did not have to worry about them.


The horse in the picture, lives in a barn on a local island here in Washington State. I was brought to him because he had had a fall while jumping. Both his front legs were torn open (3-inches) and covered in sores. When I arrived in the barn I felt tremendous itching from the guy. He was very agitated by the itching. The owners had no idea why he was always agitated. I was told he had had this itch for years but they did not realize how bad it was. I was shown the itching was caused by his diet. He was ingesting too many sugars causing  a bad case of candida all over his skin. The animal’s spirit gave me a formula consisting of ¼ tsp of tea tree oil along with ½ tsp of DMSO per gallon of water to be sprayed on 2-3 times or more per day.

For quite a while,  he would not accept healing energies coming from us, so I went ahead and worked with the other horses and animals in the barn. I came back 1 hour later with one of the owners. She stepped in with me into the stall.  He continued to be agitated but he felt comfortable with her. I continued the healing work. Quite suddenly, the healing energy went in, attacking the itching. Remarkably, the horse settled when I said: “Oh! now he is accepting healing energies.” Everyone in the barn could not believe what they witnessed. This large, agitated retired-racehorse suddenly settled for the first time in a long time. His head lowered and he almost fell asleep. The owners could not believe their eyes he had never been that calm. The owners told me that he had been itching since they owned him. I was told getting rid of this massive itch will eventually calm him.

I saw him 2 weeks later. His wounds were down to ¾ inch spots that were mostly scabbed over. His coat was now gorgeous and his itching was down 80%. He was much calmer.

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