Sessions & Pricing

Sessions with Eric are not necessarily easy but they are usually fun and revealing. They are serious work for Eric and the patient. The patient is usually given homework such as some energetic practices, books to read, serious lifestyle changes away from what ever is not working for them any longer, etc. You may be told about a medical issue you did not know you had or it might confirm what you already know you have. Eric is a medical intuitive but he does not diagnose. If something is brought up you are expected to follow through with an MD or the like.

The sessions geared to people who want to have major personal growth and are willing to take serious changes in the things in their life that are no longer working for them. They are not for the faint of heart. Be assured that anxiety and nervousness are worked through in each session.

A field of pink tulips. Flowers are a symbol of new beginnings, something that can be achieved in a introductory session

Introductory Healing Sessions

Sessions for new clients.
Minimum 4 hours.

A rainbow cast over a man's hand. Rainbows can represent healing, something that can be achieved in a wellness session

Wellness Healing Sessions

Sessions for returning clients.
Length varies from 2-4 hours