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A Message From My Guides On Repairing the Matrix!

I have been actively working with Ashley James, who has generously conducted many podcast interviews with me for her Learn True Health Podcast. These podcasts can be found on the left column on the homepage of my website right under Lectures and Conversations. Very recently, I was working with Ashley James on a podcast interview. We had an exciting discussion as we were talking about the energetics of the COVID-19.

Illustration of COVID-19, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As expected, I have been asked about both the guides and my perspective on COVID-19: Well, this is a virus has a lot of the usual conspiracy theories behind it. At this point, this is not too important as the fact is that we all have to deal with it. There is a great deal of hearsay around the virus with many people starting to resort to an all out panic. Of course, we all need to have prudence, so yes, having a full pantry is nice, but not necessary. The toilet paper wars are really not necessary either as one can always clean things with other things like water in a squirt bottle!

A person can't decide which channel to view on a flat screen TV. Information overload is a sign of the times

Sign of the Times

Regularly, I am questioned about our reality and what may or may not occur in the future.  Although free choice provides many different opportunities, it is always important to understand that the instability we are experiencing has the primary purpose of teaching. 

A stack of rocks is being knocked out by a surf. The synergy created can represent energetic PTSD

Energetic PTSD

PTSD seems to occur after intense and prolonged energetic traumas, just like it does from intense and or prolonged physical experiences. It is interesting that I often observe that the prolonged intense energetic experiences can be caused by the individual themselves.

A tabby cat looking back at you. Cats and other animals are beloved pets

Our Beloved Pets

I want to briefly write about our wonderful pets including horses, dogs, cats, and many other animals that become pets. And yes, even some rodents fall into this category of how much they can help us.

A man holding a white urn with ashes moments before pouring those ashes in a body of water

Ancestral and Pet Ashes

Through all the years of human existence, traditions have always been to bury, burn and/or somehow leave the body remains to become part of the earth. There ensued some sort of burial and ceremony of basically sending a person soul off to heaven or with the ancestors somehow. These ceremonies were closure for the remaining family and friends.

Aerial view of clouds with an clear opening in the middle is an inspiration for anyone who believe in miracles

Should You Believe in Miracles?

Recently, a commercial for Children’s Hospital posed this question. This actually made me think about what venues miracles commonly occur in and our perceptions of what constitutes the framework for miracles.