Elemental Energy 2: Values

A rainbow mosaic mural can represent energetic values
Photo by Steve Snodgrass on Flickr Commons

Elemental energy is the energy of life. Being that we are all energy beings, we all rather inadvertently create elemental energy and use these energy events to get through our days.

Our physical bodies exist within what I term the material realm of the gross physical dimension, whereas our soul exists in many realms and dimensions. Without explaining what I see in all these dimensions, I would like to briefly explain what I see in the gross physical dimension.

What is termed the gross physical dimension is where similar atoms assemble close enough to create what we refer to as physical matter. This matter is defined as: a substance or material of a particular kind. Usually energy is omitted from the definition of this linear dimension of length, width and height, however, we need to include energy when we talk about it. My definition includes all physical matter and energy matter.

We all experience the material realm of the gross physical dimension. It consists of all the things we know and love, including our bodies. There are many realms beyond this level. In these other realms energy assembles and is subject to gravity however, the atoms are assemble less densely. These realms are experienced from the perspective of the viewer, for example: When we look into space, we can easily think the earth is the center of the universe. If that perspective changes, say you are now on the moon, you now perceive that the earth is not the center but the moon is. What I am saying here is this; what we experience with our eyes of the gross physical dimension does not have a defining position.

The Yurmby Wheel

The Yurmby Wheel by James Gurney

This view is experienced through the values of awareness. The values are determined by the vibrational speed, (strength and vibration or color) and the energy value (The density of the matter, grey scale). The placement, within the realms of each dimension, of physical or energy matter depends on the energy and vibrational values and density of its composition. What and where I ‘see’ or experience something depends on the perspective and evolution of its value.

The material realm of the gross physical dimension is where the energy and vibrational values are such that matter can be experienced by human consciousness. In the other realms, these variables are different so we do not experience them consciously. That being said, we can be aware of them. For Example: We breathe this thing called air. We do not experience it unless it is moving, cold, hot or is polluted. Yet, it keeps us alive. Scientifically, there are many parts to air; we call these pieces gases. Change our view of these parts with technology, and one can see the gases.

Beyond the material realm of the gross physical dimension are the realms where less dense energy exists. This is where, amongst other things, our thought and intents are. (If they could exist at the material level we would be dodging them constantly.) It is in the other realms that the chaos of energy is.

If you recall, in the gross physical dimension like energy gravitates together and this is subject to time, space and gravity. If one thinks about someone far away, that person is creating similar energy to that of the person they are thinking. The thought energy is created in the realm where it can exist. Almost instantly, the person that is being thought about receives it. Because it is not actually their energy, they are alerted to it and they can often intuit who sent the thought.

It is in the dimensions and their respective realms that master seer/healers align their energy values with that of the person they are working with. The master is then able to experience the others person’s energy information and can be guided to adjust it according to the guidance. This can only happen because they are one with the client.

Each of us is protected by these same values. A person who “looks” into another’s energy without direct permission cannot be one with it. They cannot align the values. Their vibrations are at odds because of the intrusion. The information they might get will be skewed at best thereby protecting the intended and making the “seer” look bad. It takes harmony between the receiver and the giver to equalize the energy and vibrational values to allow clarity of sight.

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