Elemental Energy 4: Body Mind Perspective

Bokeh in a street at night is an abstract representation of elemental energy between body and mind
Photo by ahmed essmat on Flickr Commons

Our body and our brain use these senses to navigate this dimensions physical realm as well as what we call the non-physical realms. Some of these senses give input where the information is processed consciously and sub-consciously with our brain only then telling the body what to do. Through some of the senses our bodies create memory and perspective of their own. When the body and the brain react to something, it is imbedded in the current memory.

Judy and I were just talking about this subject. She mentioned where she had just read about a study completed with a young woman who suffered chronic short-term memory loss. The study involved testing the body mind connection by having the woman meet the same people repeatedly. In the experiment, a person stuck the woman once with a pin upon shaking her hand. Even though the woman was subsequently introduced to this same person again and again with no recall of the traumatic meeting, the woman would not ever shake the person’s hand again even after much encouragement and questioning. She simply refused. She could offer no explanation except for the fact that she would not shake the person’s hand. The experiment proved that this young woman’s body memory could sense the danger from the person each and every time that person greeted her even though her conscious brain could not remember who they were.

As the above demonstrates and I have also been shown that the body’s memory is independent of the brain. The body’s perceptions are through the senses of touch and taste. These senses seem to be connected to our most primitive animal instinct, safety. We think of touch as when someone comes near and there is visible contact that is pleasant, unpleasant, safe or unsafe, etc.

Beyond this, I am shown touch extends to the unseen or to what is referred to as the other realms. When someone stares at you with intent, it is the sense of touch that acknowledges it. There seems to be discernment of the input even before the autonomic nervous system can react. Our body seems to know whether to have the hair go up on our neck or react more to the sensual.

Sensory Exercise

While you are sitting reading this, try this exercise; Think of a frightening situation you could be in. Let’s say you are walking in a known “bad” part of town at night. Close your eyes and be there in your mind’s eye. What is your brain doing right now? The imagination is running “amuck,” right? Go farther now. What do you sense on your arms, back and neck? Are they sensing anything particular or are these areas feeling open and at the ready? Now take something in one hand and wave it over the other arm do not touch that arm. Wave it at 3”, 12” and 18” above that arm. (You could even have someone else do this for you.) Is your body able to sense this movement? Now do the same exercise but this time take a few moments and imagine settling in front of the TV watching a pleasant feel good movie with a friend. Close your eyes again and pass by your body the same object the same way as described above. What’s the difference in the two experiences? These subtle differences I believe are the sense of touch and the memory of the body telling us whether we are safe or not. The body cannot tell whether either of these circumstances is actually happening. The body cannot distinguish between real and or what the brain is sending it. This exercise demonstrates this phenomenon. During the above exercise, what if the sense memory had been trained to understand that if you were with another person alone in front of the TV meant you were going to be raped or killed? How would the reaction been different?

I hope what the above demonstrates is that the sense of touch extends to the unseen and therefore by definition, into the realms. I feel this ability is instinctual as well as genetic. Our distant ancestors needed to react as fast as possible to stay alive. Those that did not have these skills more finely attuned tended to die. To feel the world around us and to have foreknowledge meant survival.

It might follow that the sense of touch reaching out into the realms is picking up other knowledge we cannot see. What if in these realms was knowledge that could save our lives though we had not experienced similar events or situations in this life? Well, we can and we do!

Our body and brain’s memories are trained from the direct physical realm and the unseen realms of knowledge and energy. The training comes from sensing energy experiences it perceives no matter where the information comes from.

The practical application looks like this; The body tells the brain there is something going on and the brain reacts telling the muscles to take appropriate action. Hearing and sight belong exclusively to the brain. In conjunction with one another, the division of senses allows for clarity and quicker reactions to safety issues.

Think about it: We react to somebody, we do not see, that is staring at us. It is the body perceiving the elemental intent from another through the sense of touch. Our hair might go up on the back of the neck, our brain reacting first with the autonomic nervous system. It then tells the major muscles to turn and look.

You might ask: What does this all have to do with elemental energy?

Well, you may recall that energy has mass, our thoughts create energy and that more energy is generated with emotion than otherwise. We all pick up on these vibrations of energy constantly to keep the somas safe. The body seems to reach out using the sense of touch and pick up on issues that the brain cannot perceive.

We all have been to a horror movie and come home and felt something weird in our abode. We react to that something creating even more energy about that something. If like energy attracts then that something gets denser. Soon it has amassed enough energy to actually be perceived by our senses of touch then sight and hearing. As that mass of emotionally charged elemental energy moves around us, we hear the house creek and or we see something out of the corner of our eye! These are called elemental thought forms, everyone reacts to them, and some people can actually see them.

If you were to ask a person with similar gifts to me to look into your home at that time, we might be able to describe the movie you had just seen provided there were not too many other things going on. Others without the clarity of sight might perceive correctly that something was there not knowing what it actually was, relate it in their references and say it needed to be removed, quickly!

This is a tiny example of how current life affects us. What about the rest of our individual sum of knowledge?

Whenever there is a safety issue the body and the brain go into a hypersensitive alert state, our senses greatly increase. If we are in this state for a long period, we get exhausted as it takes a great deal of calories. In this state, the senses are clearer and bring in more information. During these times sight is increased, hearing is more refined, and the senses of touch and tastes also are increased. As expected, there are also many things going on energetically between the body and soul as well. During this state, the brain and the body are trying to stay alive so it will reach out to any information it can perceive including into the Psychonoetic or the soul and its knowledge. It is at that moment that the body starts to take in information that often is not pertinent to that life, but may be life saving at that exact moment. You can sense something is wrong but be unable to know what it is, from direct experience, yet react to it correctly because you have experienced something similar in a distant past life, elemental knowledge from the Psychonoetic history.

The problem arises here; your body will then continue to react to this past life knowledge even though it has no conscious reason to do so. The Body out of safety has opened up past life elemental knowledge. This information is there now. It cannot be returned and this situation may actually cause mental and physical issues.

I once had a parent bring to me their young daughter who had become allergic to being in water. It started suddenly when she was five years old after taking her first swimming lesson. The parents figured her body could not handle chlorine or she got a disease of some sort. They dutifully brought her to every doctor and practitioner they could conceive. They finally ended up at my door.

I was instructed to look into her energy field while she was being held. I noticed that during a first swimming lesson another child knocked her into the water. She gulped in a large amount of water and took a nose full. Being that this was her first water experience without the security of mom and or dad, she was in utter panic thrashing about doing all that a child might do to get out of this situation. During the process her body reached out for knowledge to save her life.

The senses reached inadvertently into a past life where during a time at a beach she had quietly slipped under the water and drowned. The knowledge was grasped immediately causing her to take action and get her onto the pools edge. This time instead of quietly slipping under the water and dying the knowledge was there to save her life.

The problem arose immediately. She was not going to get back into that water again, period. When her parents picked her up, they were told of the incident and were instructed to be with her next time to help her have a good experience. They brought her home and she did not want to take a bath. Several days went by and the girl finally had to be bathed. She was bathed with force and her body subsequently broke out in a rash. So the saga continued until we eventually repaired the past life. The reactions to water went away immediately as the body no longer reacted to past life elemental knowledge that water on the outside of the body meant death, it was now repaired.

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