Thoughts About the Japanese Disaster

Fishing boat stranded on a pier after the Japan Tsunami of 2011
Photo by Satoshi Sakurai on Flickr Commons

Everything on this planet is energy with radioactive energy still being just energy. There are many seen and unseen lessons with the exchange of all energy. Since many of you have asked, to date, I have not consciously been called by my guidance to do anything energetically for the situation in Japan. If my conscious presence is needed, I am willing and I will listen to my guidance. In the meantime, I am like the rest of you, I have to sit and see what happens. While we are waiting, we can be prudent and learn about radioactivity so we can protect our families.

As with many disasters like this one, please be conscious and resist the temptation to blame, justify or read into the situation any more than the human tragedy that has occurred. When we give into these temptations, we are seeking ego and power on the backs of the suffering. When we watch the news, please remember if you hear sensationalism and grandstanding about the situation, the Japanese people are doing the best they can. From afar, we can think of all sorts of ideas, but we are not there experiencing what they are having to deal with; a dire situation with incredible fatigue, shock, as well as personal and professional grief. Instead of criticizing, do attempt to support the men and women that are sacrificing their own lives as well as their lives of their loved ones to control the situation that has arisen. Instead of putting them down, send them love and support with healing energy for their bodies. They are trying to the best of their ability to save the earth from radiation poisoning. For example, picture them in the hazmat suits not getting fatigued and having clear minds with extra energy to work as diligently as they can. Send these intentions and prayers every time you think about the disaster.

Also, in thinking about the environment, the radioactivity in the area is being washed into the sea and the air. If you have the time to think about the energetics of this situation, try to visualize all of the nuclear power plants glowing red hot and then turning blue cold with power back on at all the plants so the containments can be maintained.

If you can give to the American Red Cross to help aid the many people in Japan, do so. If you can give of your time and volunteer to provide some comfort, do so. If you can give your ‘intention’ or ‘prayer’, do so. It is all equally important.

Send peace, ease, warmth, food and shelter to all Japanese people especially those affected by the tsunami. If there are any survivors that have not been found at this time, please send these people courage. Those of you that can use the third chakra, do so at this time to send all of these intentions. Those who want to congregate in a building such as a place of worship do so the power of intention/prayer, if pure, is magnificent.

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