Eric Thorton's Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this thing called Eternal psychology©? And how can it benefit me?

A: Eternal Psychology© is the development of the individual from their reactive state to what they know inside to be true. When we are in the reactive state we are not happy because there is a fight or a lack of congruence between what each of us knows and how we respond to the world around us.

When we constantly find ourselves in a state of stress instead of flow, it eventually causes health issues.

Q: What does it mean to be born a natural exorcist and what is an exorcism?

A: A natural born Exorcist is some that at birth as the intrinsic ability to see and understand energy.

An exorcism is removing energy that is intelligent and foreign to an individuals or animals aura field.

Q: How will working with Eric be different from other alternative therapies I have sought out and received?

A: Eric actually sees, hears and has a dialogue with the clients Angels/Guides. It’s very specific to the client. There are no generalized statements. Eric gets to the bottom of issues. He can see energy for what it is and make no apologies for it. One of the therapists he works with say’s Eric is the only one I have heard of the banters, jokes, laughs with Angels. Your Guides educate you through Eric, so that you can progress in accordance with your soul purpose.

Q: Why does the first appointment take so long? It makes it expensive.

A: There is no body that does what Eric can do for you. He is one of the kindest compassionate men you will ever meet. Because of what Eric is used for, during the first appointment Eric educates you on his perspective and shows you how there is no judgment in what is being accomplished. This takes time but it is fascinating and necessary to do the work within free will. When you are done with the 1st appointment you realize we are not alone and the angels and guides are truly there for us.

Eric does not want to know anything about you but your name. He meditates about you and connects with your Guides before your appointment. When you arrive, the session starts with a visit with Eric, so that he can tell you what your Guides had to say and so that you can ask questions. As the session continues, Eric works with your Guides to go through each of your 7 chakras and give you the information and healing that your Guides provide within each energy center. This takes time and cannot be stopped in the middle. When the session is complete, energy will flow cleanly through your Chakras up from Mother Earth and down from your Soul.

Q: How do I know that Eric is really working with my Guides?

A: The information he gets is spot on accurate and there is no way he could know or have the understanding he does. No one could make up that much detailed information so fast.

Q: How does Eric work with children?

A: Eric has his own children, so he is great with kids. If the child is young he works directly with them at their level or he works through their parents, sometime even remotely. He works with young adults and teens privately according to their abilities.

One of Eric’s personal goals is to work with gifted children to normalize for them their gifts. He sort of apprentices them.

Q: Can Eric work on my pet?

A: Yes Eric works with all animals. Animals have Souls. Physical, emotional and spiritual trauma can be healed through their energy. Be advised that Eric sometimes finds that it’s the owner who has to change their behavior.

I think I have a ghost in my house. Can Eric do something about that?
Eric can clear a home anywhere on the planet. But he cautions that sometimes the home is a reflection of the owner’s state of energetic being.

Each situation has to be examined for its uniqueness. There are many types of Ghosts and many other things that can be in a home or building.

Q: Does Eric work with couples?

A: Eric works on a couple individually. Then, he will recommend them to a therapist to work out the major changes that take place if both are actively doing this work.

Q: The website says Eric is a Medium. What does he do as a Medium?

A: A medium can communicate with those that have passed. Eric hears, sees and receives knowledge from a departed person better than anyone on TV or anyone he has ever seen interviewed. He only does this for the sake of healing during a regular healing session if the diseased comes forward with positive intent. This is not Eric being arrogant about his Gifts, it’s the plain truth.

Q: So is it weird when you go for a visit, does he light candles and say weird things?

A: Eric has to be the most normal person you will ever meet. There are no candles or parlor tricks. He is the real thing, but so normal.

Q: Is he going to read my mind because I’m afraid of what he will find out?

A: Eric does not read your mind he sees energy. He communicates about you to your Guide/Angels. They are all very considerate of your humanity!

Eric is very much a guy and has all the same issues everyone else does so he is keenly aware of the situations in life. He has no preconceptions and works with all people and will not judge you.

Q: If he does an exorcism will it hurt me? Will he get hurt also?

A: Sometime people feel a little movement but because of Eric’s Gifts it is an easy task for all types of exorcisms. His Guides protect him and his space and because of his gifts of faith he stands in no fear whatsoever. When the exorcist is not naturally gifted it usually a long arduous process that can take years. When Eric is shown an energy that has to be removed it is surprisingly easy. He has prepared protection before the person with the problem even arrives for the appointment.

Q: Can he help me in one visit or will I have to go for lots of visits?

A: It totally depends on the individual case. Usually people want to come back. Most individuals with in a visit or two come back once a year or so to make sure things are fine. Eric’s goal is to teach and give tools so the person rarely needs to see him.

Q: What kind of problems can he fix?

A: So far there have not been problems that have not been addressed in one way or another. Sometimes it takes repeated visits. Sometimes it takes another practitioner. He cannot change or cause true karma but he can be used to move a person to the point of completion. Sometimes the client tires of their process or is satisfied with where they are at. All the issues are spiritual psychological and physical. Often the client has their own work to do, and whether or not they do it affects the outcome and is their choice. If the client does not want to take the psychological growth then Eric cannot help them.

Eric’s work is not about a quick fix, push a button and all is better. Sometimes this happen. Eric has never claimed to perform miracles although we all want them.

Q: Do I have ‘Angels’ or powers of my own?

A: We all do have Angels/Guides. They are with us from before conception through the death process, however long that takes.

Every single person I have met has something that would be considered a Gift.

As one is in their process of discovery, one uncovers their gifts at the perfect level for them. There are many, many types of gifts.