Eric Thorton Healing Session Support for COVID-19/Current Political Climate

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. At this time in history, we are all together in a very long stretched out ordeal with so many layers that is hard for many to manage their anxieties about security and what life is going to be for the near future and even for the next few years. This situation is causing a build up within each of us causing eventual PTSD for many, if not released. The American Psychiatric Association is actually publishing information about an expected mental health wave so that we are prepared.  Many business people, including myself, are having to have to change things up a bit.

What’s new for healing work sessions:

  1. All sessions are by phone at this time. I like this as well as it offers you as a client, legitimacy in that I cannot “read your body language’ as some might think I could be doing. Currently, my internet is not strong enough to maintain video conferences without constant disconnects.
  2. I have done quite a few AMAZING podcasts over the last 8 months with Ashley James and Learn True Health. These are linked to the website on the home page as ‘Lectures and Conversations’ link on the left of the home page at
  3. I am also very excited to be doing a series of YouTube conversations with Keith Krance. There will be a link posted to my website very soon with a link to these conversations. Some of these dialogs will eventually become content for online classes. Many clients have been asking for these and they are in my pipeline for the near future.
  4. With all that is happening around us, these are some very trying times.  There are a lot of different energies and thought processes whirring around caused increased anxiety, stress, and eventually PTSD, if not released.  To help my regular clients with these issues, I am offering a special 1-hour support session to help release anxiety, make suggestions for your overall health, and to answer some of your questions. This session will be a reduced rate of $150 for the single hour.  The primary purpose of this session is to offer my regular clients a cost-effective healing session by providing energetic support to ease both the body and mind.

We will all get through this!  Keep safe and healthy out there!

— Eric Thorton

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