Predatory Energy: Culture

An old library with books taking all space in the wall is being used to represent how culture can also be a type of predatory energy
Photo by ninocare on Pixabay

There are many forms of energy that have this nature. They can range from well-placed human intent ,‘thought forms’, to various forms of evolutionary and non-evolutionary life that have wills of their own. I like to stay away from the ‘pop’ terms such as possessions, walk-ins, ghosts, curses, voodoo, psychic attacks, attachments and many other labels as they seem to often indicate powerlessness with no rhyme or reason.

In my last newsletter, I talked a little bit about ‘ego intent’ or ‘curses’ and their effect. As you may recall, curses are well placed and or conjured intent set in motion by human ego, usually out of pride and/or pain during a human life.  The influence can be current or from our history.

Many of the ‘cultural thought forms’ that exist today are the end result of the ‘fall out’ of the past. Energy does not disappear. If you recall, ‘elemental thought form’ are the sum total of all the energy of thought on a given subject. These can be individual (individual thought form) or the creation of many (cultural thought form). This energy is very powerful and can be physically felt. For example, during a meeting with a powerful speaker and topic, individuals sometimes get warm feelings, shivers and even some can actually feel weightiness. These individual feelings are validated by others and can lead to crowd mentality. Crowd mentality is a situation that can occur because these feelings are real, tangible, safe and therefore can easily be perceived as truth.  These strong feelings encourage us to perpetuate behaviors and beliefs that add more energy to these now ‘cultural elementals’ eventually creating entire cultural upheavals. The end result can be that we feel safe in this group even though the thought forms often do not make sense. The natural human safety perception makes us believe that if this is good for me then all have to have it. The knowledge of crowd mentality is employed by the few to move the many to create power and our cultural systems.

Regardless of any belief system, the natural human instinct for safety needs to be understood so we can examine and reexamine all levels of our cultures (past and current) to truly understand our shibboleths and resulting cultures that no long are pertinent to human life. I use the term pertinent because our knowledge bases change as we discover.  Old patterns are difficult to stop, even with new proof and knowledge, because to change a ‘cultural thought form’ can cause masses of people to feel unsafe. The result is that the old  ‘cultural thought forms’ have tremendous power and can become quite predatory.  On many levels, this has happened and continues to happen all around the world.  Without any doubt, the energies from the different belief systems interject themselves into people’s present lives as very powerful predatory influences resisting growth.

Think of all the people that were tortured and/or died simply because a few  early scientists was able to ascertain that the earth was not flat or even center of the universe!

Think of the many western traditions and shibboleths, which indicate we have no soul history. The concepts of past lives are in conflict with the ‘cultural elementals’ that developed of hell, damnation and judgment.  These particular concepts came into existence during the ‘Dark Ages’ when rulers used these ideas to control people. It is sad to witness through these movements the belief in a single life, from which the mass public was removed from the non-judging and forgiving Abba, Father God, which Jesus spoke so highly of.

The work I am used for shows that the kind loving Abba, Father God, does still exist. I have a good friend whose comment to me was that the work proves the ‘Holy Spirit” is still alive and well and able to be there for us.  In his life, Jesus demonstrated to us the word ‘God’ is a concept word and therefore referred to God in many different ways to try to explain it in the human languages of that time. Jesus spoke against the ‘cultural elementals’ of his time. We all know the story of where these ideas got him.

From my experience in seeing energy, I truly understand what Siddhartha meant when he indicates we are what we create. I can truly understand how frustrated Jesus must have been when he was preaching about God’s love and understanding for the human condition that did not exist when he was in physical form. I can also understand why Mohamed protected the weak from the judgments of the cultures he was born into. All of these great people spoke against the cultural elementals of their time which leads us even today to think about how important this must have been for people to understand.  To illustrate this concept, take some time to think about your cultural elementals and how you see the world from that point of view.  Just thinking about this and asking questions works to open doors to deeper understanding of self and others.  In doing this, please be sure to withhold judgment of yourself and others as well so that you can truly see the entire picture.  I guarantee that this will be worth your effort.

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