Elemental Energy 3: Daily Lives

A family of penguins is a prime example of how elemental energy work in daily lives
Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Why is it that victims are victimized more frequently than non-victims? Why do certain people draw certain circumstances? Why is it types of personalities are drawn together? Why does good beget good and bad beget bad? Why do certain behaviors lead to certain outcome? This is the animal seeking vibrations of energy it is use to… its comfort zone if you will.

Over the hundreds of thousands of years that the animal body was developing it had to learn to sense it’s kind, it’s clan. It had to learn to sense anger, frustration and all of our other emotions as language was not developed to express this.( It is still not!) The animal needed to sense all to stay safe. The pre-humans that survived were rather like Emperor penguins finding Mom and Dad in the flock of thousands with out language. The penguins can sense Mom and Dad, they sense their clan, their kin. They sense energy that is familiar.

Early man used these exact same senses for the exact same reason. Today we still have these senses but we apply them somewhat differently. When a baby is removed from its clan it is not happy. When a young baby is too far from its mom it is not happy. They often cry or are fussy until they are back with their own. As we grow we use these senses to find playmates around home and at school. If someone is not like us we do not like him or her for some reason. As adults we use these abilities to find professions and life mates.

These sense sub-consciously draw people of similar beliefs, injuries, fantasies, lifestyles, emotions etc. Unfortunately all including those who can take advantage, employs these senses subconsciously and indiscriminately. It happens all the time: this is why victimizers are drawn to those that can be victims. Have not most victimizers been victims themselves? Both have similar energy. It is like the so-called homing device of the penguins.

It is why we often marry those that reflect the issues we need to work on. We are drawn to them, they are our soul mates, and we are so comfortable around them. It is why opposites attract; victim/victimizer, narcissist/enabler, strong person/week person, it is all energy our senses familiar with. Like energy attracts.

The transfer of energy becomes a problem when a person is raised without security. Security: A perception of the world of which we live. It is a sense of protection against attack from without or subversion from within. If you are raised to perceive the world from lack of safety, that adult perceives the world through that very same lack of safety, so their interpretation of the world is unsafe. This same person will perceive the words from their partners, bosses, teachers, strangers, animals, situations of all sorts etc, through this veil or filter of insecurity.

These perceptions become patterns of energy that get set deep into their being. Their brain develops neuro-pathways to get what it needs from all that happens in that life. They draw to them energy from the world that will exacerbate the security issues because of their choices made through the veil of insecurity, manifesting lessons until one day they get help, hopefully to discover these patterns that dictate their life.

These sub-conscious patterns are what create the elemental energy that we give off and therefore what we keep from the world around us. Like energy comes together. In session I am shown these individual patterns so they can heal through the removal of them and the realizations that follow. It is not easy but it works.

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