Eric’s Healing Difference

Ethics and Discernment in the Education of the Soul

Soul Education for True and Permanent Physical Healing

Soul Education, the actual purpose of physical life, lies at the heart of Eternal Psychology® sessions. It is what makes physical healing permanent. This unique approach to healing includes all the work you have already done during your life and does not lock you into a particular path for your future. It is an inclusive process because all of life’s experiences are ultimately for the Education of the Soul.


All work is done with a client’s full knowledge, in free will and with their special permission. It is not ethical for Spiritual Healers to look into a person’s energy without their special permission, as this act attempts to by-pass the free will of that individual. For the same reason I do not “predict the future.” I am shown the future if I ask, but my Guides have told me it is unethical to use this knowledge for three reasons:

  • By telling a client what his future is to be, I would predestine his actions, thereby removing free will.
  • My glimpse into a moment in time can provide a very inaccurate picture, and one that would be true only if absolutely nothing changed between now and then. In fact, the simple decision to breathe or not to breathe could totally alter that future.
  • All visions are filtered through the experience of the Seer, leaving the information open to interpretation and control by ego. (How many ways have Nostradamus’ predictions been interpreted simply to control and amaze society!)

What a gifted Seer can be shown about the future can amaze a client, so it tests the Seer’s psychological and spiritual maturity: Will the Seer violate free will to impress? I will not.

Discernment: A Critical Skill For Spiritual Healers and Mediums

Everyone is sensitive to energy, both predatory energy and light energy, or energy from Spirit, but we have no language to discuss such things. Our societal norms of religion, politics and economics have taught us to be wary of anything beyond accepted theories. In this way a few can control the physical life of many. As a result, our culture has never developed a language to discern between “good” spiritual energy and “predatory” energy, which can feign good feelings. Consequently, anyone searching for identity or meaning can easily fall into the trap of allowing their spiritual and physical life to be controlled by judgment, thereby giving up the freedom of their spiritual progression.The following case study illustrates this point.

The Story of Hans

Hans came to me fairly early on in my practice. He had been a medical student who had, over the course of the previous year, been forced to quit his life’s passion because he had developed mysterious and inexplicable physical and social tendencies. He could no longer pay attention in classes, whereas he had been an excellent student before. He could no longer hold a good conversation with anyone, whereas he had previously been outgoing and intelligent. He developed shakes, and now had violent mood swings. His doctors first thought he might have a brain tumor or perhaps have developed Parkinson’s or some other neurological disease. They ran every test they could think of but could never find any physical reason for his sudden difficulties. It was a terrible mystery, and all the more tragic because Hans was just a very nice man. When Hans lay down on the table in my office, the room immediately became significantly colder, even though it was a warm spring day. The temperature must have dropped by at least 15 degrees, because the heater in my office went on. As I connected with the man’s energy, the room just filled up with “it.” I could see what looked to me like a big, dark cloud. Hans groaned as this energy came out of him, and I asked Spirit to protect me and to surround this energy and discover whether we should get rid of it. All kinds of moans and groans were coming out of Hans, who later was unable to remember any of this. (He seemed to be in a kind of trance, not the usual condition of my clients during a session.) My Guides instructed me that we absolutely needed to get rid of this energy, so we did. Immediately the room started to warm back up again, but it took about ten minutes to get back to normal. The Guides then showed me that Hans had gone to an energetic healer a year before, a Reiki practitioner. Hans substantiated this fact. He remembered that he had felt odd during and after this Reike session, and that was, in fact, when these unexplainable symptoms started showing up. I was shown this session because Hans had taken on this energy from the Reiki practitioner’s office. Hans’ story is a perfect illustration of a practitioner doing something with good intentions but without enough knowledge and discernment. This can happen through poor training, lack of knowledge, laziness, apathy or ego. I know from speaking with other Reiki practitioners that, during the course of their training, they are taught how to protect themselves and their clients from what I call predatory energy. Perhaps this particular therapist didn’t pay attention fully. Perhaps she didn’t believe in everything she was told. Perhaps she didn’t think she needed to do things the way she was taught. Perhaps her main concern was to make a living. There’s nothing wrong with making a living from healing; after all, medical doctors do very well at it. But if you are going to affect people’s health, you had better know what you are doing in your chosen discipline. That applies to medical as well as “alternative” practitioners. A byproduct of this lack of discernment is the lack of trust in the spiritual healing profession as a whole on the part of the general public.