Photo by stevepb on Pixabay

President Elect Obama will take the oath of office this coming Tuesday (January 20th). It is a time of great excitement and of great hope for many. It is also a time, for some, that is frightening and dreadful. It evokes great emotion either way.

As I see it, either way produces great elemental energy. If you recall, elemental energy is the energy of thought and intent. Emotion is what creates the quickest greatest thought forms from this energy. When we are ‘positively’ charged in life we create a positive environment. When we are ‘negatively’ charged we create that environment.

Unfortunately, the negative is more powerful than the positive because it has to do with fear and safety hence it remains on top of the conscious and subconscious minds generating thought forms. When we feel safe and happy, we tend to move on to other more urgent tasks. What this boils down to is this; the energy that is negative hangs around more and builds up.

This oration is about reminding us all to keep sending the energy of protection to President Obama and his family as he is literally at the center of much of our planet’s troubles.  Everyone on the planet, good or bad, looks to the US President for leadership in some way. All of this energy is focused on him. What a burden to bear, to be the focal point for all those elementals.

If we could all send the similar positive intent, it would certainly help diffuse some of the negative elementals, as they seem to be more readily focused. I would suggest; protection, integrity, compassionate detachment, clarity of message, persuasion, balance and love of our fellow man. We also want his enemies to be unable to focus or organize, individually and or as a group.

I was talking with Jewelie the other day on this subject; she mentioned that we should send intent or prayer to his enemies. I believe these prayers should be for realizations of acceptance and tolerance beyond the education that they have received. Maybe this could make some room in their minds and hearts to open to new ways of being so they might hear universal wisdom.  Most importantly, we all need to remember that our thoughts and wishes generate energy, which affects each and every one of us today as well as our future.

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