Two fingers shown as caricatures are used to represent the predatory energy known as fear
Photo by ElisaRiva on Pixabay

No matter which facet or extreme of fear we subscribe to, and there are many, if we succumb, it has won.  The energy of fear is an elemental created by our culture(s) and self. It is a tool. This tool is used in many different ways. All we have to do is look at any culture and it’s ‘bio’. Volumes have been written about this subject.

When adversity is present there is prime opportunity for self-realizations and exercising what we are taught by many, including myself: Learning to be here and present is the only way to make sound decisions concerning our health and needs.

It is ego that is affected by fear. Ego sometimes feeds the insecurities that hold us until we succeed or fail.  Ego can live in the past ‘acting lessons’ and can project these beliefs and elementals on the future. If this happens our brains whirl and can effectively freeze us. If we can stay present ego is the inspiration to creativity, ingenuity and community.

I mentioned this topic to Judy and she told me a very pertinent story her daughter told her.

The Hamster

A boy had a pet hamster. This boy traumatized it by dropping it by dropping it. (Hamsters go into hibernation when there is trauma.) The boy thought the hamster was dead, as it did not move. He grieved and Dad helped him bury it. The next day the Hamster crawled back to the house in good order. The dad found the critter. He was in fear as he thought it came back from the dead and he hit it with the shovel. He secretly buried it again. The next day the boy found the hamster rummaging around the yard acting as if nothing had happened. The boy then believed in miracles and the dad was overwhelmed with fear.

This story demonstrates how trauma paralyzes us and how fear keeps us from rational behavior and how innocence allows for miracles. The end result of ego is found in the elemental we all know and love; the ‘introject’. As you remember it resides at the heart chakra. This is why when we are not present or in ego, we feel a presence of some sort around our chest and upper abdomen and we often react inappropriately. In many of us the interject has transformed into something positive so we immediately recognize symptoms of imbalance and the need to take action. (This imbalance moves us away from spirit and our chi or life force weakens. We can become ill.) Those that notice, begin self-help with flushing, do the energy exchanges and meditate allowing chi/ Spirit to rejuvenate our bodies. We become present again, able to make sound decisions. If we miss the early signs of ego, it is not necessarily too late. Begin the basic flushing movements and the energy exchanges at once. If you can meditate, do it. If you cannot or find resistance to energy movement there is a block of some sort. First find a tree. Honor the tree’s life force and ask it to help you flush. Begin the flushing and experience the profound movement, If that does not work, call for help. Things will only worsen and the fear will eventually take full grip.

Living in the present is not for the faint of heart. It takes effort, intelligence and wisdom as will as support.

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