Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Hello everyone,

As expected, I have been asked about both the guides and my perspective on COVID-19:

Well, this is a virus has a lot of the usual conspiracy theories behind it. At this point, this is not too important as the fact is that we all have to deal with it. There is a great deal of hearsay around the virus with many people starting to resort to an all out panic. Of course, we all need to have prudence, so yes, having a full pantry is nice, but not necessary. The toilet paper wars are really not necessary either as one can always clean things with other things like water in a squirt bottle!

We are at ground zero here in Washington for a pocket of the virus. Please review the information included below.

How It's Transferred

  • Via air by coughing and sneezing
  • Close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands
  • Touching an object or surface with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands
  • Rarely, fecal contamination

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We do need to protect ourselves as best we can by minimizing close contact unless protected. We do this best by staying away from crowds. If you must be in a crowd, then use hand sanitizer and possibly to remind yourself not to touch your face were some driving gloves. We should all be thoroughly washing our hands after you have been out. Also, it is very important for everyone to realize just how often you touch your face, eyes and noses. It is a subconscious habit which means that you may not even be aware that you doing it. Have someone in your family count for you. You will find it interesting.

As always, we try to understand why things happen that are not directly beneficial to us humans. There are lessons or Karma and sin that we all learn from. This is what drives the Eternal Phycology™ for us all. When we struggle to benefits, we would like. We are then searching and learning growing from this educational process. Sickness from viruses may provide huge global lessons. Since most of our viruses come from animal husbandry, maybe these global outbreaks of these diseases are trying to tell us not to raise and eat the very things that kill us in so many ways. Viruses of all sort and all metabolic syndrome illnesses as well as 180 other diseases and global warming are scientifically directly linked to animal consumption. Just a thought.

Another aspect just might be to look at who is driving these out breaks… The Government of China refuses to take responsibility for their poor job of containing the viruses. They refused to ask for help and then they sent it all over the planet by airplane. Please remember the Chinese people are even more victim to this then we are. The Europeans did the same thing in the 1600’s when they started trying to take over the Americas. The native peoples were also innocent to the spreading small pock virus, as they were not informed.

Another aspect is the pollution we all participate in. All the toxicity and emf’s we live in and eat daily draws down the energy from the immune system leaving us vulnerable to diseases getting a stronger foothold in our bodies. Eating clean organic vegan diets (if one stays away from processed food) is the best way to combat all of this. Saving the planet and cleaning the pollution out of your body with every bite you eat! By eating clean unprocessed vegan, you boost your immune system by eating antioxidants of various sorts.

Did you know we humans are the only animal that does not produce their own antioxidants? The truth is we have to eat these antioxidants continuously. They are in the fruits and veggies we should all eat daily. As most of you know, I recommend this highly. Eating fruits and vegetables help us obtain the antioxidants and bowel cleansing that comprise an integral part of our immune system. Without a sufficient amount of antioxidants and fiber we are subject to more disease and inflammation. Fruits and vegetables also increase your pH if you do abstain from animal flesh and separated oils. Most viruses are unable to thrive in higher pH environments which means they quickly die. This change takes about 21 days of no meat or oil to bring up the PH to around 6.5 or so and longer to get this above 7. Short term high pH foods and minerals are only anecdotal at best.

My experiences have indicated that energy work can mitigate the effects of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa by seeming to change the body’s frequencies to boost the immune system because of less physical stress. Then, the body can carry on a full attack on the virus to lessen physical symptoms and get through the illness more quickly. Of course, I cannot make any claims here. However, there are many studies going on today that are indicating how energetic work can kill viruses and bacteria. This suggests that the healing energy does attack the invasive microorganisms directly and/or helps to relieve energetic stress in the body, so the immune system is able to give the needed response to the biological assault. As always, I will clearly state that I am not an MD and that my knowledge is derived from many other sources including client experiences.

Now the energetics. The coronavirus (COVID-19) basically ravages the lungs of people with low resistance. This is the 4th chakra. When any chakra is compromised, the physical body becomes weaker in and around that chakra.

To provide an overview, let’s look at the state of our nation. The current political situation has been going on for three plus years now. As we all watch daily, the ongoing lies, innuendo, hearsay and outright fighting in the Capital tear at the fiber of each and every American as what is unfolding imperils every single one of us. Both political parties are fully engaged in vicious dialogs as the POTUS repeatedly lies on many different issues that strike to the very hearts of our lives and families. This betrayal runs so very deep that there is ongoing sadness and loss of faith in our country. Specifically, to understand that the POTUS has slashed the budgets of the very disease controlling bodies we need to help us with the current situation. One of this Administration’s main tasks is to take care of the American people. They have not done this. Understanding this reality severely damages everyone’s 4th chakra.

The entire country and the world have been astounded by the betrayals and lack of empathy shown by our elected leaders. For each person (no matter the party), the processing that is required to work through this series of ongoing betrayals results in the weakening of the heart chakras. It is interesting how this affects the baby boomers most as this generation stands to lose much of what they have worked a lifetime for. Since the Boomer generation does not have time to recover financially like the younger generations, the heart chakras are even more compromised. The work that I do with these broken chakras allows people to process the understandings and lessons without literally breaking their hearts.

At this time, I am not set-up to handle emergency appointment requests. Those who have had at least one initial appointment I can easily work with Via email for free concerning acute viruses etc. I have been able to do this for years with great feedback from the results. I cannot do this unless I have done a major 1st time clearing. After this session the subconscious mind knows the work will help so there is no fear to block the work. Individuals is always welcome to make an appointment on a first come first served basis. We can then get the heart chakras as well as the rest of the body to activate so we can protect the lungs, as anything less would be anecdotal at best.

Because my office is on the edge of the Pacific Northwest outbreak, all appointments are being switched to remote (by telephone) at this time. A Fully 50% of all my appointment normally are via the phone all around the world. These are just as effective as in person appointments. In fact, they offer a little more legitimacy as there is no way I can read your gestures etc. via the phone. It is very important that we protect one another by limiting direct contact so we can keep our families safe. This is also in response to what the Governor of our state has declared; which is to maintain a 6-foot distance from one another.

During this time period I can offer to those that do make and keep their appointments additional homeopathic energy and energies installed in some of your crystals to help keep the virus at bay and/or to bring some harmony to your home. I can then with email requests offer ongoing energetic updates to help keep the virus weak and the body strong. For everyone, I urge you to understand that this situation will bring many lessons to the American people so that we can all work to change the future for ourselves and loved ones. To this end, it is very important that we truly be kind to one another as our lives literally depend on it.

Thank you!



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