Animal Talk Testimonials

My horse was lethargic and had no enthusiasm for riding or eating. Eric came to our barn. When he came to the staging area. He said there was extreme sadness with this mare. He said she had lost 5 colts at birth. How could he know that?  He advised me as a young woman to be in the stall with the horse and carry her, give her some carrots and plums and imagine how I would feel if I had lost 5 children at birth. Be with the mare several times feeling this for an hour each time. Within a week the horse was completely different. She was back to being her happy trail riding and playing with me as she had in the past before the last stillborn colt.

—Sally S.

My dog a Border Collie, was always running away. I heard about Eric so I invited him to the house for a session. I told Eric about the issue. He went with the dog and the dog went to the only way out of the yard at the driveway. The dog stopped about 5 feet back from the entrance and showed him how painful it was for her at this point. She kept telling him it was painful right here. She told him she would see a rabbit outside the fence and run through the pain but she did not want to come back because it was painful to come into the yard. Well as it was I had put an underground invisible fence at the point the dog was telling Eric it was painful! Eric suggested a power gate to solve the problem. Thank you!


Eric came by my barn to work with my four horses. The first he worked with had some major food allergies. Eric asked about the foods and we picked out what was good for this horse and what was not. The next two horses were in great shape except they were getting too much food so their livers were having a hard time. The last horse was 28 years old. Eric first noticed a cancer that was on the surface of his organs. How did he know this? I was told this by the vet. It was a type of melanoma that does not directly kill this type of horse. Eric also pointed out that the horse was putting too much weight on the front legs cause arthritis. He pointed it out to his colleague the issue. His colleague does structural integration for horses. He noticed the right rear leg had been hurt in the past, which was true but there was no way to see it. Eric pointed out the scar tissue had grown which his colleague and I could feel! She will come back for several visits to work the scar tissue out. Eric did some healing on it so it would not come back.

Eric was at my barn years ago.  I had asked him to read my horse. She was not good at what I wanted her to do. Eric asked me if I did dressage with the horse. I gladly volunteered that I did and the horse just was not good at it. Eric pointed out to me that the horse. She showed him she wanted to do barrel racings and she showed him that she wants to win and get the rose filled neck wreath. I could not do barrels so I was not happy. I asked him to convince her to do dressage. He was firm with me and said you need to do barrels or get another rider who wants to do this with her. I was frustrated and upset but my father agreed and we found some else to ride the horse doing barrels. She won every race she was in!

Eric came to a neighbors house to do a reading for them. They had a very sick dog. Eric looked at the dog and showed us a lump in his side. He said it was where his intestine had flipped and it was killing the dog. He must have gotten into something. He said it looked like it was the “almond Rocca” from the cat litter box. Well, he had a habit of eating the little crunchy turds! How did he know that? Well, he held his hand over the lump and we all watched something move inside the dog and the lump went away immediately! The dog looked up at Eric with this very odd look, let Eric pet him for a few minutes and then quite suddenly took off for the water and food bowls and drained them both!

Eric is a friend of ours and we know he has amazing gifts. Our small wholesale supply shop got broken into one night. I asked Eric to come over to the shop to see if he could give us some clues as to who it was. Eric asked if there were any animals at the shop during the robbery. We pointed out that our parakeet was there. He said great. He showed up a while later and went to the bird and sat next to it. He never touched it. Eric had paper and pen. He started writing what he called random letter down with spaces every so often. When he was done he gave the paper to me. I looked at it and Eric had written two full names in perfect Arabic of two men that were in the shop two days before! We found our stuff at their house! Amazing!