Your Sacred Place With You At All Times

Steamboat Springs in Colorado, USA
Photo by Matthew Hernandez on Unsplash

When your sacred spaces are developed you can have a place to go for inner peace and solace!  Wherever you are.

Because of the current political, social and physical situations we have lost sight of how to find inner peace instantly. We have lost access to daily joys because our minds are in survival mode. We have lost much of our access to the joys of life because we are too busy with the current situation. This has caused many to loose reason and direction leaving us empty and easily manipulated by the political players.

What is a sacred space?

This is a place one develops in your imagination. We start off by finding a location you maybe have seen in a picture or been to or pure fantasy. This space needs to be one you can recall so do not make it difficult. Keep it very simple to start with. For example a river or beach area, a space in a secluded temple, a tree top, a favorite place to be like the grand canyon but the difference is that you are the only one there. It is yours and nothing can enter if you do not let it.

The second step is to create the sounds: Water flow, Ocean waves lapping at the shore, utter silence, wind, etc.

The third step is to develop the smell: the smell of tree, a pine forest, the smell of sweet water from a clean river or lake.

The key is to develop this before you need it!

The place or places you develop can be accessed instantly or for meditation. I use mine for both.

One of my favorite places for me is a Romanesque space with a stream running through it with a pond and if you know me you can guess there are fish in the pond. There are no bugs, insects (Only butterflies) or crawly slithery things and only the sound of a breeze. There is lots of sunshine and not more the 80 degrees with the wonderful smell of sweet water. I have developed this over the years so there are many things there and it has grown quite large.

I also have instantaneous places that are sacred: One of my favorite places to be when I was a kid was way up in a tree. I was scared at first but I learned to hang on and sway with the tree. It became comfortable for me. This is now a sacred place to go in an instant to change the place my brain is going that no longer serves me at that given moment.

Lets say I hear more bad news from the current international and or our national situation. I am driving down the road or talking with some one on the phone.  I can easily slip into one of these spaces and feel myself calm. There are many long term studies done siting the psychological reasons for this.

Our brains do different types of thinking. In a simple model we call these 1, 2 and 3 dimensional thinking. I am simplifying this for the sake of this newsletter issue.

One-dimensional is; I feel unsafe or I react and run to safety or flight or fight. This type of thinking uses the least amount of brain possibly only 1-2%. This is why we admire those who can get themselves out of danger using major ingenuity, most just panic and run.  Remember the shows ’MacGyver’. 1980 and current versions? We could admire his calm in the midst of calamity.

Two-dimensional thinking; When one has a problem of any sort that is urgent for any reason and you cannot solve it but you continue to think about it consciously over and over trying to solve it because it is crucial for any reason but not solvable. This is a major issue for all humans on the planet right now. 2 dimensional thinking uses about 4-6% of your brains power.

If you go to my website there is a new link to YouTube videos I am doing. One of them talks about this in more detail. There will be many more videos soon. They are interesting and informative from my experience as a Master Spiritual Healer.

Three-dimensional thinking is when we use our conscious mind and your imagination so the subconscious mind is automatically activated. This uses 95%+ of your brains power.

The bottom line is this; when we find ourselves stressed in any way find your sacred spot. You can do this while driving as long as your eyes are open and you are paying attention to the road. You can do this anytime anywhere.

What I have found to be special about the process during these rough times is that it gets me back to the days when I could drive or take a hike or while standing in line thinking and replace any negative thoughts with the sweet things in life. This gives me a break and allows inner peace to creep in just a bit and my anxiety drops considerably.

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