What is Eternal Psychology®?

The recognition and use of how the souls personality effects the psychology, health and well being of the body through out the life time.

Eric Thorton is a Master Spiritual healer, Author, Founder of Eternal Psychology®, Exorcist, Medical intuitive, Medium, Animal Talk and Animal Healer. Eric was born with these gifts fully ‘on’, which is the definition of a Master Healer and exorcist. Eric is neither New Age nor is he Old Age in his views. He is a humble man that listens to angels and guides for these healing processes. He is pragmatic and sometimes is required to be rather forward in a person’s process. He indicates that angels and guides are a matter of fact, they do not make things complicated, humans do. Individuals and families have come to Eric for healing for the last 20+ years. He works all over the world by phone, Skype, etc. and of course in person in his home outside of Woodinville WA.

Immediate Benefits of Long-Term Healing

By accessing divine or soul-level information, the Spiritual Healer/Medium discovers information useful to achieve permanent mental, physical and spiritual health and authentic soul development. This is a benefit of Eternal Psychology®. During a healing session the Healer/Medium communicates with the client’s Guides/Angels. The information they provide can be used immediately for direct physical healing. However, it can also be used in partnership with psychotherapeutic techniques to effect emotional and spiritual healing, creating the avenue for long-term physical healing.

Sacred Information is the Key

The information provided by the client’s Guides/Angels is information the Guides know to be necessary at that time for the individual’s spiritual healing. The soul-level or divine information provided by Guides/Angels during these sessions has consistently provided results as unique as the individual’s fingerprints and critical to the individual’s spiritual healing. This sacred, information is your life viewed in a different context, given to you as a tool.

True Physical Healing Requires Soul Education

Unlike the physical body that will at some point cease to exist, the soul lives forever. Our physical bodies are vehicles for educating our souls. Everything that happens to us, including physical healing, contributes to this goal. Divine information accessed during Eternal Psychology® sessions provides insight, helping us make sense of our lives, past and present. Understanding the why behind our individual life experiences is Soul Education, the phenomenon that enables the soul to move along its journey to the Absolute. Without Soul Education, the client is likely to re-manifest the same pain or illness over and over again. It is the Education of the Soul that can make physical healing permanent. Soul Education lies at the heart of Eternal Psychology® sessions, providing clients with a way to attain a deeper and more permanent state of health and well being. Access to our own sacred, divine information is our birthright.

Eternal Psychology® and Psychotherapy

Some time before the words were given to me, I noticed my practice had begun moving in sync with several psychotherapists with whom I had mutual clientele. Many of them found that the unbiased information I provided about their patients’ energy allowed for a deeper healing, physically and emotionally. Eternal Psychology® is a unique tool that integrates the gifts of spiritual healing into sacred and mainstream psychotherapeutic practice for the benefit of the patient. The information gained during Eternal Psychology® sessions can be used by a trained therapist to create a pertinent, direct access point. It can also provide new impetus for a stalled healing process. Eternal Psychology® works so well with psychotherapy that it even prepares clients to benefit from other healing modalities such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and medical science. The case study below illustrates how such collaboration between a Spiritual Healer/Medium and Psychotherapist provides this deeper, more complete healing.

Helen’s Story

A few years ago a middle-aged woman came to see me on a referral from her psychotherapist. Helen had been in therapy for several years and just wasn’t making progress, so her therapist, who knew of my work, thought I might be able to help.

During my meditation on Helen, before our appointment, I was told very clearly by her Guides that Helen’s therapist had to attend her healing session. They had never requested anything like this before, but the therapist was perfectly willing and so was present when I began to work on Helen. As I tapped into her sacred energy, I was shown such horrific scenes from her life that tears came to my eyes and I had to look away from Helen so she wouldn’t see.

I was guided to ask Helen a few simple questions and then simply wait quietly as the Guides began to give Helen answers. Gradually, the horrible truth of her life, which she had repressed for nearly forty years, was revealed to her. As this unthinkable information began to flood back into Helen’s memory, she began to wail in excruciating emotional pain. At that point, her therapist stepped in and began to work with her in what I can only describe as a crisis intervention. Together, we were able to stabilize Helen energetically and psychologically, and by the end of the session she said she actually felt a little better. Neither the therapist nor I was allowed to direct or say anything to Helen that might influence her memories.

Her therapist maintained daily contact with Helen over the next few weeks as she worked through the psychological effects of what had been revealed in her session. A few months later I received a wonderful note from Helen letting me know how much she appreciated my working with her. She said it had given her a whole new lease on life. Helen had been stuck in her stagnant situation for nearly thirty years of therapy. It was quite apparent to me that, without the involvement of her psychotherapist at the time of her session with me, Helen’s break-through healing progress would not have occurred.

Psychotherapy and spiritual healing seem to form a complete therapeutic tool for the health of the whole person. No aspect of the individual is left out. And it is not only the clients who benefit from this relationship but both the healer and the therapist. If the two practitioners are open and willing, they can learn and grow their gifts through such collaboration.

I invite collaboration for a comprehensive therapeutic tool

My work with psychotherapists has confirmed my belief that Eternal Psychology®, used in conjunction with psychotherapy, provides a highly effective therapeutic tool that heals the whole person and provides clients with a more comprehensive, complete and permanent form of healing. For this reason, I invite psychotherapists and other healers interested in learning more about Eternal Psychology® and its direct applications to contact me.

The Collaborative Process at Work

In an Eternal Psychology® session, the trained Master Spiritual Healer/Medium accesses the client’s soul and its Guides/Angels. They reveal what is needed for the individual’s specific desire (the reason for undergoing psychotherapy). To facilitate their Soul Education, we then access, in real time, the elements causing unwanted behavior and turn them off. After the Eternal Psychology® session, the client is energetically and spiritually free to change old habits and to move to a new level in psychotherapy.

Types of Soul-Information

  • Current life issues that have not been accessible due to trauma or denial might be “given” to the patient during a healing session.
  • Past lives can be viewed and even healed in order to remove an irritant from the patient’s energy system.
  • Current and/or past life Introject (negative energy) can be identified, learned from and then subsequently removed.

The Eternal Psychology® Session explores the client’s energetic levels, revealing how brain and body have been affected by the energy they have been carrying during this lifetime. With the help of a properly trained therapist, the client can begin retraining the brain without the irritations of unwanted energy and energetically loaded memories.

Benefits of Integrating Soul-Level Information into Therapy

  • Removes energy blockages that are hindering the healing process.
  • Facilitate new progress for clients who have been in therapy for a long period of time with little significant healing/change OR who have been unable to change negative behavior patterns.
  • Speeds up the healing process, saving the client time and money. Helps a patient “vested” in his/her injuries to release unhealthy control.
  • Literally adds new tools to the therapeutic toolbox, providing the client with a more complete healing.
  • Instantly provides useful information that may otherwise be very difficult to access, such as information about:
    • pre-verbal trauma
    • pre-birth trauma
    • emotional cross-wiring
    • memory blockages
  • Adds direction and power to sessions by creating breakthroughs.