A Message From My Guides On Repairing the Matrix!

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G-Day all,

I hope as you read this newsletter, you are safe and well. Below I will share with you my guide’s instructions to reset the Matrix and what you can do to help restore peace and order.

I have been actively working with Ashley James, who has generously conducted many podcast interviews with me for her Learn True Health Podcast. These podcasts can be found on the left column on the homepage of my website right under Lectures and Conversations. Very recently, I was working with Ashley James on a podcast interview. We had an exciting discussion as we were talking about the energetics of the COVID-19.

424 Eric Thorton, Medical Medium, Exorcist, Energetic Healer, and Spiritual Coach Shares Information About The Corona Virus, What We Can Do to Help

I was explaining to Ashley how our heart charkas have been heavily burdened by the last 3+ years of political turmoil and uncertainty.

The Heart chakras of the ‘older’ generations have taken more hits than younger people.

Over the last 40 years, we have seen war, terrorism, financial crisis, and, most recently, political turmoil. The middle class has been especially struck as the gap between the have and the have nots has grown.

Yet the heart chakras of the millennial and newer generations have been sheltered from long periods of peace in comparison to the older generations.

Energetically, we are now in a colossal flux from the manufactured fear of the virus and the political fallout. Many scenarios are playing out. To date, this is what the guides suggested we all do and why.

The first thing that they pointed out is that what is sometimes called the Matrix is no longer healthy.

The Matrix is referred to as the energy/chi/thoughts/prayers/ intent etc. of every human that has ever existed.

These energies create an atmosphere, of sorts, of its own around the entire planet. This is what psychics’ pick up’ when they look energetically at something past present or future. This is a brief definition only.

Then I was shown the confusion in the Matrix. They showed me how the Matrix is messed at this time because so many well-intended people are trying to fix it with their thoughts, and then there is so much happening around the planet that it has become chaos.

So this is the challenge that the Guides have put forth:

Repairing the Matrix

The Guides have suggested that every human being, the more, the better, in any language and in their time zone at 9 pm every night, put out a whirling type of energy into the atmosphere for 10 minutes.

This energy cannot include any intention of your own — other than love — as the intent is for the energy to shake the Matrix for a reset.

I am not sure it will do much of anything directly, but it could have a significant indirect effect on getting the Matrix to work better. This means that the energy reset would be something like this.

When healthy, the Matrix works with the energy of the planet, which is sometimes referred to as Gaia or Mother Earth in the English language.

When everything is working together in harmony, Gaia is always balancing all life on the planet. Because of the attacks from one human to another and the pollution that we all take part in, Gaia has not been able to restore balance.

This whirling of sorts is supposed to reset the Matrix, so Gaia can work better with the Matrix to balance things out. Whatever that might indicate, they did not share entirely, but what they did share was that it would help humankind out somehow.

They showed me this simile: When one takes a square of Tofu and put it in the blender to make it creamy mix, then pour it into a cube-shaped container it solidifies again but in an entirely new way.

It looks like Tofu and tastes like it and feels like it, but its molecules have been completely rearranged. I can see, at the very least, it will create some harmony, but I think it could also get Gaia to straighten out and help us all out.

They mentioned doing this every night for two solid weeks or longer. The time is 9 pm, your time zone for 10 minutes. The number of days will be on the podcast. They said the only intention we can add is love.

The guides also showed me a great time of peace and prosperity will follow after the Matrix has been restored and that the chaos of the virus will fade away.

Let’s do this! I have already begun this. The more people and energy involved, the better!

— Eric

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