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A person can't decide which channel to view on a flat screen TV. Information overload is a sign of the times

Sign of the Times

Regularly, I am questioned about our reality and what may or may not occur in the future.  Although free choice provides many different opportunities, it is always important to understand that the instability we are experiencing has the primary purpose of teaching. 

A tabby cat looking back at you. Cats and other animals are beloved pets

Our Beloved Pets

I want to briefly write about our wonderful pets including horses, dogs, cats, and many other animals that become pets. And yes, even some rodents fall into this category of how much they can help us.

A marble bust sitting next to a simple block of marble can represent the predatory energy known as ego

Predatory Energy 4: Ego

This series on predatory energy is taking a brief look at some of the many ways energy effects us. This time I am going to talk about our own egos and how any one of thousands of scenarios can hold a person hostage.