Predatory Energy: Curses

An older man with eyes closed and covering part of his face with his hand can show the predatory energy known as curse
Photo by CJS*64 on Flickr Commons

There are many forms of energy that have this nature. They can range from will placed human intent ‘thought forms’ to various forms of evolutionary and non-evolutionary life that have wills of their own. I like to stay away from the ‘pop’ terms such as possessions, walk-ins, ghosts, curses, voodoo, psychic attack, attachments and many others as they seem to often indicate powerlessness with no rhyme or reason.

As many of you know the work and the information I receive, see and hear is mostly from the experience of working with thousands of people’s guides. I have read very little about these subjects. This is because of time. The benefit could be an innocent perspective. From this vantage point I can easily be guided without the constructs of other past human shibboleths (ways of doing or being that are not questioned) that would otherwise influence what I am being shown. The few books I have read about other people used, as I am, all seem to indicate the same uncomplicated simple points of view.

One of the jobs I am used for is to help people by removing energy that is not their own, thereby clearing their pathway of life from things past that often hold their health and emotional states hostage.

The energy comes in many forms. We have talked about regular elemental energy. There does remain a predatory elemental that if will established, is predatory by its intent. We call these elementals ‘ego intent’ often referred to as ‘curses’

These are thought form created from higher animals; humans or higher forms ‘ego’. They are often conjured from pain, safety, arrogance and usually a lot of ignorance as to the full effect. A ‘ego intent’ is kind of like a computer. It has the ability to adapt as long as the set parameters are recognized and present. The more experienced the person setting the intent the more adaptable the parameters are going to be. These parameters can reach out forever. Therefore it can be considered an elemental that is predatory.

I have had many clients with these intents found in their genetic family and or individual soul energy. I had one client that had an intent that marked his somas or soul so each time they established human form, the predator, who was in its time a master, was able to hunt the individual down and create so much stress that the brain of each body became mentally ill and caused the various bodies to die by the age of 29. The master during their shared time of existence became so angry and jealous at the other that they wanted to stop the spiritual progression of the individual being affected. It worked, but it also stopped theirs’ and created possible true karma from the intent set forth by the jealousy and arrogance of the master. Both were healed and the one currently alive as recovered from the onslaught.

The problem for the one, who desires and or sets the intent, is simple: An evolutionary soul is always subject to the true laws of ‘karma’, what one does to another, one will experience themselves. If a person either sets an intent or curse and/or pays another to set this intent or curse wishes upon an individual or group of individuals they and/or theirs will experience the same at some time. Whether it is this life or another it does not matter.

As the healer I get to see both sides of the curse and I get to see both sides healed. The healing is then complete.

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