The Story of Jewell

A subway station with ghostly-looking feet super imposed was used for the story of Jewell
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On many occasions, I have been blessed to experience Eric’s work as a Medium. For the purpose of this note, I will call people who have passed on “Spirits”. The Spirit of my mother, Jewell, has visited me 8 times, so far, at sessions with Eric. She has brought a total of 5 family members with her, including my father and a brother. I have each of these visits taped. Eric sees and hears Spirits, just as he does our Guides. He sees clearly enough that he could tell that I look like my mother. The primary way Spirits communicate with Eric is through what I call vignettes. In an instant, they can change their clothes and the scenery around them to make a point, or just for fun. In her first visit, Mom set about proving who she was, all things that no one outside the family would know. She showed Eric things she liked and talked about the house we lived in. All of Eric’s work has one purpose — healing. The purpose of a Spirit visit is to heal relationships.

In my experience all of the Spirits came with much the same message, “Follow your joy, live life with gusto”. Each one explains it their own way. My brother Kevin, who died when we were teenagers, shares my love of nature, and showed himself frolicking in a forest, smelling flowers and rolling down a grassy hill. Our beloved dog, Barney, was with him. The last time my Mom visited, she showed herself as a young woman and was wearing a red dancing dress and doing the jitterbug. In life, she was shy and reserved and never danced.

What have I learned from all of this? It changed my life. I am learning to follow my joy and I believe I can do anything I want. I allow myself more freedom and worry much less. My work with Eric in general, and particularly his work as a Medium, gave me the courage to retire from a job that I never really liked. Now I help Eric and I started a business of my own that is close to my heart. Both of these things “light my fire” in a way the old job never did. With the encouragement of Spirits, I have let go of some of my attachment to money and security and I am significantly happier.

Recently, I went to a funeral and stopped at the old family graves. In the past grief was my biggest burden. No more, because I know for a fact the people I love are not there. They are living in God’s light, dancing and frolicking in the forests.


Just a Thought: When one has inner peace their Brain’s personality is working with their Soul’s Personality!

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