Predatory Energy 4: Ego

A marble bust sitting next to a simple block of marble can represent the predatory energy known as ego
Photo by Marco on Flickr Commons

Ego is part of the human experience. Ultimately it has to be turned into a friend. Ironically, the act of getting rid of ego is an act of ego itself. Our bodies come along with this ego geared to safety and survival. Being completely ego free requires a type of existence where there is complete safety and no need for anything at all to exist, in other words soul form only.

So we have the human ego. It is a phenomenon of the brain. How can it be predatory? As we discussed in the last newsletter, the personality of the brain is formed by default. The ego perspectives are part of the default personality. These perspectives are partially genetic but mostly taught. So how can this be predatory?

Ties That Bind

Let’s look at two people with identical anxiety disorders. This is usually genetic as it runs in families. We have person 1 and person 2. Both start out shy and full of fear.

Person 1 receives tailored parental guidance and external help that teaches the child to understand what is going on inside their brain. They are empowered to take their anxiety and eventually turn it into a powerful tool to over come societal pressure, ultimately learning to succeed in relationships of all sorts. Because of their inner anxiety, they become compassionate, understanding human beings.

Person 2 receives little or no guidance, because their parents were never taught to overcome their own anxiety. The parents may have a psychological wound that only allows them to teach the child anger and withdrawal. Therefore, the child never succeeds and rarely takes a risk. Movement causes them major anxiety. They remain shy and become introverted. Other ramifications show up such as OCD, borderline personality disorder, disassociation etc. They may strike out when it is not appropriate and hold grudges. This behavior is excused internally by their massive anxiety. They may hold onto jobs but never get picked for newer, higher paying positions. They may marry someone with similar issues who does not know how to support them. This happens, because like energy attracts.

Person 1 has learned to turn the anxiety into self-empowerment.

Person 2 has not been empowered; rather the anxiety has become much worse over time. The person’s brain has in fact become predatory to itself and its body. Their body is living is a cesspool of adrenalin and cortisol. It is literally eating itself up. The brain generates a huge amount of energy, consciously and subconsciously. It creates a ‘vibe’ that is felt by others and the person is treated accordingly.

Person 1 is considered sensitive and healthy, but not perfect.

Person 2 is considered unhealthy, overly sensitive and receives mental health care. The mental health care is appropriate, but person 2 remains in the destructive habits. The healthcare includes several ways to change habits but that old default is still there.

When Person 2 is in session with me, we take a look at these situations and help the individual fine tune any psychological work they may have already done by removing what are called identity elementals. They exist in the inner chakras. These are built-up thought forms that keep us in old patterns that serve the default personality. When they are removed, the person can more easily change the neural pathways in the brain. Their built-up resistance from earlier circumstances no longer haunts them. This makes their therapies more powerful and therefore effective. Through the work, the client’s subconscious thoughts are defused and in time no longer predatory. Their conscious thoughts can then naturally become positive. They are less resistant to the tools employed by other healers and at very deep levels can create an environment where their body is producing less cortisol and adrenaline.

During the time in sessions along these lines, we look at the amygdala gland in the brain. I call it the Princes Leia gland, as we have some on either side above the ears. This gland provides the transient freeze before the flight or flight from the brain stem. This gland responds according to what has been taught as safe and unsafe. For example; what shocks and/or freezes someone in fear or safety in the U.S.A. will be quite different than that of someone from Afghanistan. When we start the rewiring process of this gland, the person’s perspectives seem to change. In these cases the ego evolves into a tool that protects us from danger but the information is received in a current perspective, instead of from earlier life’s perspective. The individual can then make current choices instead of choices governed by their past.

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