The End Time?—December 21st-23rd, 2012

The moon in waning crescent is an eerie representation of the end of time
Photo by opapaty on Pixabay

Many of you are wondering about these dates. Whether you should plan for the future or just give it all up now. Well if you are going to give it all up now just give it to me, I’ll save it for you, as I plan on this being just another day in history that passes away with no unusual events. Please note:  I am still buying holiday gifts!

The planet Earth has always changed and it always will. Many people get hurt during and as a result of these changes. Human existence does influence some of these changes a little bit. There are many influences that affect the planet. Some are scientific and some are not yet universally recognized.

Why the fear of Dec 21st – 23rd, 2012?

It is human perspective, derived from partial bits of ‘information’ that are available in many forms around the planet. Just go to YouTube for verification of this. There are endless video clips of opinions concerning these dates.

I have been shown and told that it will be just another couple of days. Yes there will be earthquakes and yes there will be weather issues all over the planet.  I am told the earth is not going to flip magnetic poles because of Sun activity. There will be no religious events concluding and the aliens are not done with us yet!

By the way, the angels and guides are not done with this place yet either. There is still usefulness to this existence. There is still wisdom that can be learned. In my meditations I was assured the collective ‘we’ have not even come near completing all the experiences that are the result of being on earth.

Let’s say something really was going to happen to the planet. Maybe a huge asteroid was inevitably going to hit it in the near future.  Would the quiet whisper of your souls wisdom let you sit and observe the beautiful events like Gandhi or would there be no wisdom and your body just panic in fear?

I remember the final scene of a doomsday movie from the 70’s, it seemed to demonstrate what I am referring to: ‘An asteroid hit the planet’ it was predicted. Everyone was running from the impending destruction of the 1000 ft tsunami wave that was going to hit the coasts. A man and his daughter were trying to get to higher ground when they realized the general panic was going to prevent them from getting away. They knew they were going to die. So they drove to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day looking only towards the inland mountains not paying any attention to the wave! Telling one another how great it is being Father and Daughter…………….. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful calm wisdom!

If something were to happen, ever, that was going to kill this body, I for one will be naturally leaving it behind!

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