Why do we have Angels?—A Q&A

A frieze of an angel as most people believe in angels
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Recently, a lady in Australia purchased my book, Educating the Soul. She emailed me on a whim, and to her surprise, I was able to respond to her. The resulting series of emails lead to the topics of this newsletter. I have changed her name, but I will call her Chris. Included below are the answers to questions from her emails.

Q: Why do we have Angels?

A: The answer is quite simple; when we were created out of Neanderthal and Homo erectus DNA along with a lot of other genes, we got knowledge, and a larger brain. We also received the evolutionary soul. As compared to the physical power of the aforementioned, the body became weak. To be a successful species we needed two things:  1) To stay alive and; 2) to have a drive to develop our brains for the educational experiences required for the evolutionary soul to grow in wisdom

The problem arose when it came to the instincts. The new human brain’s intelligence often overrode the Neanderthal ancient instinct to stay alive in favor of the experience.  Humans want to experience how to fly, jump off of bridges, ride around in cars, etc. We also want creature comforts and ease, etc.  Although the technology was not there to provide the creature comforts that we have today, there also was more simplicity and space so that the laws that we have today were not needed.  In all, this evolving experience of the body, brain and culture has provided a laboratory for many lessons for multitudes of souls that have lived throughout these times.

Our ability to generate the technology to feed and house ourselves supported a weaker body form, however, our brains have allowed us to provide opportunities and lessons of all sorts that other species do not have available to them.

The biblical references to Adam and the Eve are in fact the introduction of the higher souls to the human bodies. The higher souls are here to grow and learn by free will. This educational process is ‘assured’ throughout the universe, by having each animal with the higher souls and low instinct to be given a guardian angel and/or what we call Guides while attached to an animal body. The Angels and Guides can whisper in our subconscious all the way up to direct interference with large mistakes we make if it is within the soul’s free will experience.

Q: By being so involved in our lives, are not the Angels and Guides interfering with free will?

A: Well, not exactly. The free will is not the free will of the ego. The free will is actually the free will of the soul. If the universe were concerned about the free will of the animal ego, then it would be a pretty confusing and primitive place. As we grow, the ego is changing whereas the soul is constant.  Because of these dynamics, Angels and Guides assist in the navigation of the brain and body connection so that we can stay alive long enough to learn something.  This is funny to think about but true if you stand back and ponder your own life.

Q: Do Angels have free will?

A: Angels are a non-evolutionary species. They have a job to do and they do it within the parameters of their context. They are perfect for their job. When their limit is reached, another steps in. That is their free will.

Q: What are Guides?

A: Guides are an evolutionary soul like ours. Their souls have grown in wisdom and they have become perfect in administering compassionate detachment. By taking this position with you, they act as a guide in free will and perfect love.

Q: What type of conversations do you have with a person’s Angels & Guides?

A: When I am working with each person, I get to understand and communicate with their Angels and Guides, much like having a conversation. They show or inform me what they want to communicate and accomplish with the particular person. All the information is geared to that person’s experience. They keep that information within that person’s free will of the soul. They do not give them what the ego necessarily thinks it wants because by nature, the ego’s wants are transitional and not always to the best interest of the soul path.

An example of this happened in a recent session where a person came in that had no outright serious health issues, however, they just felt no motivation, and were depressed and lethargic. They were searching for something new. During the first session, I was guided and shown her family of origin and some new less stressful points to ponder. Her Guides were able to remove the apathetic energy and the person immediately felt extremely improved. They were very happy and booked a second appointment.

During this second appointment, we worked with their animals with psychological then health issues. Then I was turned to the client and shown some very specific things about their health. Allopathic, naturopathic and eastern medicine had been unable to address the remainder of their issues, I was told they had had blood tests done and the results of those tests and why. Then I was shown their health future if changes were not implemented. I was shown two unique and specific supplements for them and then some specifics in their kitchen that needed to be modified for their best health. I was then given a book tittle that could be used use to help them with some information for their future.

As with their first visit, this person got another gift of knowledge so that the information could be worked into their life within their free will!

Q: Why can’t my Guides or Angels just tell me what to do?

A: Guides and Angels will never tell you what to do because if they did, they would cause true sin/karma due to interference. Within free will, energies can be removed and pertinent information can be offered to gain knowledge and/or insight into a situation, however, your Guides and Angels are not in the business of directing lives. They are not nor do they ever claim to be a god.  Chris’s concerns about free will is legitimate when looking into a world of spiritual experiences where individuals pride themselves on being managed by a being beyond them. Work that is done through this part of the processes with me is simply performed to clear your pathway and present other perspectives. We do not ever provide a pathway.

Q: Why can’t my Guides and Angels just take care of everything at once?

A: As evolutionary souls, we live thousands of lives and have myriads of experiences within this realm and many others.  We are all a work in progress gaining wisdom from each experience and as such are affected by societal constructs from our childhood and previous lives. By taking care of everything they would remove the purpose of your life and take possible wisdom away.

Learning to trust our inner voice is the goal but it is something that comes from grist, trial and error. With all of the thousands of sessions that I have done over the years, one of the most common things that I have heard from people is that they inherently knew certain things when they needed to but, they did not pay attention to it. For many people, understanding that this voice and or knowing were and are actually their very own wisdom and/or that of their Guides or Angels, changes their lives.

None of us are ever alone and with that knowledge, every human being should realize that we are all bonded together in ways that we could never imagine.  I am honored to witness and engage with these beautiful bonds of humanity every single day of my life.

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