Should You Believe in Miracles?

Aerial view of clouds with an clear opening in the middle is an inspiration for anyone who believe in miracles
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It is a beautiful thing to help people to health in any way by what can be labeled by anyone as a miracle. It is my understanding that medical science is split between minimizing spirituality and God while still allowing that miracle phenomena do occur. Personally, I do believe that miracles do happen at Children’s Hospital, however, they may actually be more commonplace then people think they are. Miracles happen in and around all different disciplines of healing work. As a seer, I get to witness how the body accepts spiritual healing. Included below are some of the different ways that I see spiritual healing:

  • It is truly a miracle when a client has been struggling in therapy with a psychological issue only to have a huge breakthrough from having engaged in a healing session. In most cases, this series of events changes their life.
  • It is a miracle to me to be able to help a person change an injured ego based personality. It is astounding to witness someone break free of their own mental prison of perception so that they can experience the spiritual growth that they have always been in fear of.
  • It is a miracle to me to “see” an illness in someone and then be able to send them on a journey of healing that brings them close to spirituality in their own way.
  • It is a miracle to me to see an illness in someone and have them confirm it with science and see it spontaneously heal overnight and then watch them choose a healthier lifestyle and become spiritually minded.
  • It is a miracle to see someone shift their perceptions of suffering by realizing that a life best lived allows them to engage in experiences instead of obsessing about the normal human processes. It is very rewarding to witness a person get out of their own way by accepting the beauty of their life so that they can radiate this to others as by nature, human beings are creatures of community and communication.

Miracles happen everywhere all day long and no one person, institution or thought process has a corner on them.

When we open our arms and minds to miracles, we can watch them in the natural environment as well as in manmade situations and institutions. We can wonder how ‘God’ works through the hands of an allopathic MD and a naturopathic doctor, in the laying of hands, prayer and the massage therapist, all they way down to the innocent cry of a newborn human or animal as miraculous beauty is simply all around us. Every time you see your reflection you get to see the miracle that I get to see in each of you! I am shown daily that if we have prejudices and preconceived notions of how miracles happen, then we inadvertently limit the possibility of miracles in our own lives. God works in all ways, so why limit it? No matter the circumstance, when any person or institution tries to capitalize on miracles, it trains others to believe that miracles only happen in certain situations or conditions thereby limiting the possibilities for all. These limiting views only hurt the person who holds them. I think it is very important to always entertain the open mindedness of infinite possibility.

Energetic Tips

When I work with those that have passed before us, I have observed many different things. The one I am concerned about today is as follows: When a person’s body has been cremated, I can hold the ashes and immediately they are available to talk with me as the soul still has an affinity of frequency to those ashes. Under the same circumstances as above, let’s suppose that the soul did not transcend correctly. The ashes then become a way for the ghost and/or the poltergeist to hang on at the location of the ashes. If the ashes are scattered, nature biologically transforms them to another substance which changes the frequency and therefore leaves nothing for the ghost/poltergeist to cling to. Once this happens, the ghost can easily drift away from the location of the ashes. There are many things that can get a ghost to inhabit a structure, ashes, agreements set by ego states while alive, or fear based beliefs are just a few of the causes. Whenever I work to remove a ghost that inhabits a structure, I have to inquire about these types of situations to understand their inability to move on.

Thanks for your time! —Eric

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