Happiness is a Choice—Enlightenment is Deeper

Sun rays shining through a pine forest show happiness and enlightenment
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During the last year and a half of recovery, while seeing clients and dealing with the challenges of life, I have been taught many things. I have learned to put much of what I teach people to a more advanced personal practice. I get to make different choices.

I am shown enlightenment or spiritual awareness is accepting what is, is. This is often accompanied by the notion that one will have no more troubles and we will be happy. But the truth is; the more psychologically and spiritually enlightened a person ,the more they dance through the daily struggles of being human, creating an atmosphere for a deep joy to creep into our lives.

The notion of daily happiness got mixed up in here somewhere. It is not joy rather is a state of the current personality at a given moment. It is or can be influenced by the notion of ‘Fake it until you make it’ as we often see in the new age movement, but there is not depth of character. An example of this is when I see so called enlightened Individuals put on a happy face they are riddled with micromanagement of their personal well being. Happiness is fleeting. Joy is a state that sustains. It brings us to a state where we no longer have the need to micromanage rather we move through life’s issues with peace.

Wonderful Quotes

Quotes by an unknown author and Charles Dickens;

Happiness is a choice of attitude. Resolve to choose gratefulness over regret until joy becomes your default setting.

Charles Dickens said it so simply:

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

Make no mistake. This simple choice is your emotional magic wand.

As grateful as we are for Charles Dickens and the things that are pointed out here, if it were this simple we would all do it! Done! Complete! I choose Happiness that can evolve to true joy! I choose the magic wand!

In session during the process I call Eternal Psychology® we take a look at why we ‘choose happiness’ but keep going back to the default settings that have been our norm. We look at the default personality and the souls personality. There is a billion dollar industry out there telling us how to get ‘there’. But none, to my knowledge, really actually uncover and defuse the internal default settings of the subconscious mind, so you begin to understand why your body and brain return to self abuse. (I have assumed you have read the past newsletters.)

When a client comes in and starts learning about their souls personality they are naturally going to struggle to change to that. The default personality keeps returning them to the original setting of perceived safety. There is no magic cure because a cure would invalidate their life previous to that moment.

Some of what I am shown in session are situations that have set the default personality to an unsatisfactory state. The dissatisfactions come from the internal, and often opposing views from what we call the souls personality as well as genetics and situations in and beyond your control, that are perceived as unsafe. These creep into the deepest part of our bodies and brain. They form our reactions and influence the very way our DNA is formed. This essentially holds one hostage to their old patterns. My good friend Judy says it is like groves in a CD.

I have had several individuals of late that have asked me how they can have discernment on a daily basis so they can move through their life’s journey with more safety. I tell them something like this:

The state of being human is inherently unsafe. Our cultures are formed around this fact. It is self-perpetuating since our bodies are going to die. In an effort to tame ego our schools and in our family teach us we are not good enough. This is a major portion of how our default personality is formed.

As adults we make decisions from this place of lacking, the blindness of the default personality habits. We often do not know how to look at any given situation from the souls perspective so our discernment is not clear. As we work in the process we have to offer, I get to help each individual discover his or her discernment. Often I also get to refer /include others practitioners to help the client work in redefining the current personality so it is in alignment with their souls personality. This offers them the joy and discernment each one is looking for. It takes a village.

The healing center I am once again thinking about will look at the personal situations energetically but also will provide the support needed in every aspect we could possible to change these default settings. I get to see the triggers and start to release them and have the skilled practitioners in place to support the individual. We would have the have the collaboration and curriculum for the individual to help them set new patterns that align the current personality with the souls personality instead of the default personality. Whether it be sacred psychology, mental health, nutrition, massage, ND and MD, biofeedback, reading groups, personal and body development, astrology, reading etc. The job will be to support the person until they are firmly planted in in their joy!

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