Ancestral and Pet Ashes

A man holding a white urn with ashes moments before pouring those ashes in a body of water
Photo by Stephanie Young Merzel on Flickr Commons

Hi Everybody,

It has been a while. I want to thank you all for your prayers and intentions over the last year!

There are a lot of things on all our minds right now that have to do with our nation and the world. I am working on commentary about that. It will follow this newsletter.

Jewelie has wanted me to do a note concerning what I ‘see’ when connected to the ashes of our loved ones. This is a good place to start writing some notes/newsletters. I know it has been a while since I have had the time to do a little writing. I write as I have the time. Blessing to you all and as always, I want to thank you for your time!

Through all the years of human existence, traditions have always been to bury, burn and/or somehow leave the body remains to become part of the earth. There ensued some sort of burial and ceremony of basically sending a person soul off to heaven or with the ancestors somehow. These ceremonies were closure for the remaining family and friends. We as the human race have always tried to respect this closure and have gone to huge lengths to recover the remains so we can let them rest in peace so to speak.

Because of technology we can now neatly and concisely cremate and put our loved ones remains in a box or can of some sort and carry them with us.

This is what I experience with ashes of loved ones, whether animal or human.

When I go to a typical gravesite I experience closure and a moving on of the family. The soul of the departed one is untethered and can go freely to the life after this life. Whereas if I am handed the ashes from a loved one I see tethers from the people and family remaining, to the soul of the person or animal that died. The second I pick up the ashes I have a direct line to the soul. The souls are not able to untether. They do not seem to move on completely free in the life between lives.

It is not the ashes that have the hold rather; it is the emotions of the people left behind that have the hold onto a soul. The ashes are that point of connection. The holding onto ashes is the emotional lack of closure that can bind parts of the departed energetic system. Because of technology, there is not the final closure that has been the spiritual custom for millennia. I understand why ‘we’ don’t want to let go, as it is all very painful, but our ancestor had it right, we have to have closure.

We need to have a final letting go so we can all move on properly. When this happens it is quite amazing how those that have passed can get to the place where they can interact with us on a daily basis. It can be quite amazing how this release can enhance the souls next existence when they move into another place. It is also amazing how sometimes the emotional grips from the remaining loved ones can in some cases even hold a soul hostage to the point that they become what some refer to as a ghost. That topic is for another newsletter, though!

Take care,


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2 Responses

  1. Vika says:


    You mentioned in your newsletter: “It is not the ashes that have the hold rather; it is the emotions of the people left behind that have the hold onto a soul.” What about people who decide to use bio urns? Bio urns mix the ashes of a loved one with a tree seed, you plant the urn and the tree grows. I know people have good intentions by doing this. Is it not wise to plant a tree using the ashes of loved ones?


  2. Eric Thorton says:

    I see that the emotions of the individuals remaining that are the tie to the soul and it’s monad. It is my observation that when one takes the ashes and puts them into the earth, weather in a bio urn or dispersed, the emotional ties are let go of as the emotions are transformed into new life. I also witness when the ashes are left at a cemetery the individuals have let go and the tie’s are broken.

    As long as I am commenting; When I see a piece of jewelry that is made out of a person’s or pet’s ashes I have noticed there is still that emotional tie.

    Greif is a thing we all get to go through. It is very painful and every person does it differently. I am not being harsh. I see in these cases it is in some way best to stay with the basic traditions of letting go demonstated for thousands and thousands of years.