Predatory Energy 3: Within

A Renaissance painting of a man with three faces is a good example of the predatory energy that lies within all of us
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The brain and the body seem to be two very different things and both comprise the animal or vessel in which our souls occupy.  From physical conception, the brain and the body are new.  With the body, there is some genetically coded history; however, there is no conscious history.

The soul has a great deal of history that is taken up from the non-ego perspective; all experience just ‘is’.  All experiences to the soul seem to be neither good nor bad.  Experiences are complete or not complete, and ‘knowledge’ is all that there is, in all its many forms.

When human conception takes place, sometime after physical conception the soul attaches to the fetus.  At this point, I see a great deal of difference between each baby.  I have seen the ensoulment of the fetus happen at irregular times during gestation.

What I have noticed is this; from the point of the soul connection we have personality inside mom.  Yet easy enough to question, where does this personality come from?  The only thing that changed was the soul’s connection to the fetus.

So we have a baby with some sort of innocent perspective as provided by the the soul.  For anyone who has had or interacted with children, it is clearly obvious that each person possesses a specific personality from the moment that we meet them.

Each child is an innocent body and soul combination experiencing life through that soul’s history and the animal’s senses.  The body is new so it has had no choices. The soul has history and therefor it is possible that it had many choices that are often referred to in many ways: contracts, astrology patterns, and destinies to name a few.

The animal starts the experience as soon has the brain is formed enough to make neuro-connections. These connections are made using the senses and experiences, which combine, creating perceptions, add intelligence and one has perspective. The individual’s perspective originates from the instincts set in place by genetics and all history available to be experienced in any way. From this, the personality of the animal is formed.

The formations of the personality are not formed out of the choices of the body and brain. They are formed from the choices of the parents and the perspective dictated by genetics and soul history. The child has no control over the demographics or culture it lives in. It does not choose the books it reads or the culture it is in. It lives in what is available and or allowed by the parents and schools it attends. It has no choices over friends and enemies as it has no choices over where it lives and who is available to call friends or enemies. It has no choice whether its parents are going to treat them good or bad in the myriad of ways this can unfold. It has no choices over brothers or sisters or pets or clothes.  Our bodies do not even get a choice of the soul that we are hooked to!  Of course, this list can go on but I hope you get the picture. The child has no choices in life.

The truth is, we all form personalities by ‘default’!

When this was pointed out to me I was amazed and tearful all at the same time!  The idea could allow so many possibilities!  The knowledge of the ‘default personality’ is phenomenal. I could wrap my brain around the period of time between conception and adulthood when our personalities are formed. I could identify it as something that had a beginning, middle and an end! Yes a possibility of an end! When we define a process, by definition it has to have an end result.

What I noticed working with people was that the ‘default personality’ is drug into adulthood as we have no choice but to respond to life through the neuro-pathways we have whether they are pertinent or not. When parts are not pertinent and yet we operate from these old perspectives, we become dissatisfied and search for new knowledge. Our genetics always want the perspective of satisfaction and safety. When the perspectives are dissatisfaction and/or lack of safety, our brains react in what is called ego and that ego operates from that default personality. The ‘default personality‘ generates our own predatory thought forms which in turn provides the palette of grist to grow! It creates the ‘introject’, our inner voice!

Those of us that have the innate dissatisfaction with our life’s perspectives are on a journey. We are searchers for something other then what we were taught in childhood. We know innately there is more. We are tired of the default personality’s reactions to the world around us.  We know in our soul that there is much more.

This entire process of identifying the default personality and determining what tools from it are valuable for the continued learning and well-being are some of what I identify in Eternal Psychology©. This process engages the wonderful guidance that we all actually have in place to directly help us, within free will, with this discovery.  This journey we call ‘awakening’.

What are we awakening too? We are awakening to our ‘soul’s personality’. It is the recognition of the ‘default personality’ and its wisdom and the ‘souls personality’ that have already partially formed in your life.  It is identifying the two so we have choices. When this happens we ‘awake’ to who we are becoming. Our views of life can then change so what is important and what is not, changes. We live down our short term history and start writing the book of our destiny about who we are outside of the reactions from our default personalities. We get to become ‘conscious’ of our selves: the brain, body and soul!

This all sounds beautiful but what it really can mean is this:  yes we still have human issues but they are not as charged. We get to quiet the inner dialogue that many of us suffer with, and learn to listen and experience guidance more clearly outside of ego and manipulations. We get to put life in perspective. We get to realize that life is not perfect, but it is in that very imperfection that we live and grow. We get to recognize that our aging bodies are a gift so we do not have to have anxiety and fear as the aches and pains ebb and tide. We get to truly look at others from a place of soul experience instead of human judgment.  For me and many of my valued clients, this process has provided a new framework of living and forgiving.

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