Sign of the Times

A person can't decide which channel to view on a flat screen TV. Information overload is a sign of the times
Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

I hope that everyone is doing well during this first part of June.

Regularly, I am questioned about our reality and what may or may not occur in the future.  Although free choice provides many different opportunities, it is always important to understand that the instability we are experiencing has the primary purpose of teaching.  To no surprise, incredible shifts are occurring on how people perceive the reality that we exist in.  Interestingly, the many changes that we are undergoing will be studied in future times to understand the impetus behind this time in history.  Below are a few of my observations:

Everything is energy. Apathy does not change energy it keeps it the same. Inactivity, feeling frozen or exhausted from the on slot of info of our current system creates apathy and freezes us because it overwhelms.

The current political system of dysfunction has been entrenched for centuries in this country.  Most Americans have been educated to not question the storylines from this put forth as truth. This is where we become vulnerable as a nation of people.

Divide and conquer has always been the primary program utilized to isolate and alienate people from each other.  Whatever the topic, the system encourages discord and outrage so that no neutral platform can be reached. Confusion is infused into our daily lives.  Fake news, real news, stupid news, etc.  All of the different identifications overwhelm, eventually this causes PTSD from the prolonged stresses. Consequently, we become confused exhausted and apathetic or eventually we become bored to the point that we tune out.  Unfortunately, the agitation stops growth divides families and nations. Then we can easily be herded.

Media has been used to cause incredible disruption stopping personal growth there-by promoting personal agendas. We have been left worn out and tired of hearing the fighting. Since the media put forth is a controlled performance, many people have trouble separating the programs they watch from reality.  This media process occupies much of our time and disconnects us causing great emotional pain that we cannot understand, or in most cases even identify.

What can I do?

  1. Put down your phones and stop watching programs so that you can be in 3D most of the day.
  2. Get your news from an app or news paper. The energy from these sources is flat. When it is from moving video it creates an entirely different effect.
  3. Create anchors within your lives by visiting within your families and communities.  Talk and laugh with others by seeking like-minded people.
  4. Read books (not tablets).  Engage yourself in all different genres so that you can flex your imagination and broaden your spirituality.
  5. Plan excursions, trips and activities to bond within your community.  Volunteer.
  6. I am willing to relieve this energy during sessions to enlighten your life again. Free your emotional pains from these situations so that you can feel you can be part of changing the energetic and 3D systems that have divided and overwhelmed us.

Of course, there is much more to say about the various events that are unfolding before our eyes.  My suggestion to everyone is to make your life count by being involved.  Sitting in front of any screen for hours on end does not qualify as involvement.  Most importantly, we must remember that growth and learning through ourselves and others are the primary goals of our lifetimes.

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