Our Beloved Pets

A tabby cat looking back at you. Cats and other animals are beloved pets
Photo by Martie Swart on Flickr Commons

In this newsletter, I want to briefly write about our wonderful pets including horses, dogs, cats, and many other animals that become pets.  And yes, even some rodents fall into this category of how much they can help us.

I am often shown that when we allow our pets to really bond with us, they can do some amazing things. Some pets are used by guides/angels as healers like some humans.

When we are upset, they very much notice this and come up to us and give us pure love and compassion. Although they do not understand why we are upset, they feel it and they just want us to feel as we did before. Many actually hug us if we are willing to accept their type of hug!

I have several clients who currently have or have had cats and dogs that will physically sit in an area of their person’s body that is not feeling well. In doing this, they are transmuting the ‘sick’ energy into healthy energy. Again, a selfless act because they want you to feel as you did before that energy was there.

If we treat our pets well they can return to us in another body.

There was recently a movie out about a dog that returned to a man—portrayed by the American actor, Denis Quaid—after dying many years before when the man was still a boy. The dog knew things that the boy and he used to do together.

I am personally reminded of the story of Tilly, our first family cat. We got her from a rescue situation. She was a wonderful cat that really loved my very young daughter, Alyne. Sadly, Tilly died in a rather sudden and unusual way the week the first Harry Potter movie was released. It was very sad time for our entire family.

Several months went by, when one evening while putting my daughter to bed, I ’felt and saw’ Tilly come and visit my daughter and me on her bed. We acknowledged her and put our hand in her energy to sort of pet her. Alyne could feel her presence easily. This became a nightly ritual. After about a year, one night she did not come forward as before. I asked my guides what was going on. They indicated that she was incarnating and we were encouraged to get her when the time came. Three days later, a client came in for an appointment and informed me that a friend of hers had a cat that was just impregnated the night before and she would be giving away the cats if we wanted one or knew of anyone who might. My guides rang a bell and said this was the litter Tilly would be in.

I connected with the lady who looked after this cat. She was thrilled with the story and she would let me know when the litter was born and I could pick up the kitten eight weeks after that. It all went smoothly and we arrived at the person’s home in eastern Washington as planned.

There were many cats there. I looked around for a few minutes and told the lady I did not see ‘my’ cat. She laughed and let me know that she was testing my story.  With my question, she let me know that I had passed the test.  She explained that one of the kittens would have nothing to do with the other kittens or cats on the property this day and she generally wanted very little to do with the other cats so she figured that was the cat we were coming for. She said your cat was in the trailer waiting for you. I peeked my head in the door and there was this kitten the exact color as our Tilly. I put my hand out and she immediately reached out to me and crawled into my hand.

Well, that was not enough. We got back to the house and it was my daughter’s bedtime. We sat the kitten down on the floor for her first walk into our home. She took off going directly through the maze of our house to our daughter’s room where she jumped up on her bed waiting to be petted as she did between lives! She continued to have this ritual until the day she passed from us again due to mental sickness.

After her passing, she indicated she wanted to come back to us again. I told her only if she would be in a body that was physically and mentally strong. About a year later, we were going whale watching out in Anacortes. Driving north on I-5 from Woodinville, we drove past ‘Noah Pet Sanctuary’. I was told by my guides that our Tilly was there waiting for us. Because we were on our way further north, we could not stop to get her that day, however, I was told that the cat would be there the next day. So the next day, we arrived to pick up our Tilly.

Upon arrival, we requested to see the kittens. The vet tech informed us that there were many kittens available the day before but only four remained. I asked her to show us those four. She brought out three in a large cage. I looked at them and did not see ‘our cat’. I asked her where the fourth was. She said we did not want to see that cat because it was crazy and would not let anyone even come close to him. I laughed and asked her to see that particular kitten.

I saw that kitten and it was our Tilly’s soul in a male body. The kitten looked at me and calmed down. I put my hand in the cage and he ran and stepped into my hand and we took him home. As my daughter was with us, he immediately snuggled in with her. When we got him home, the two dogs immediately seemed to recognize the Tilly’s soul.  They all ran together down to the rec room, jumped into the large bean bag chair we had, and then snuggled for hours. When bedtime came, the new kitten ran into our daughter’s room and got on her bed and waited to sleep through the night with her. He actually still does this ritual 8+ years later! He is a very large sleek slender regal male cat that is very strong and very smart. He loves us all and quite literally loves to ask for hugs. He hugs each of us with both his front paws around our necks, however, when our daughter is home, he stays in with her to sleep on her bed.  This cat definitely loves being home with his favorite family!

Many Blessings to you all!


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2 Responses

  1. Vicki says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Tilly. This posting was very timely showing up in my email today as we had to let one of our dogs go yesterday. He suffered from colon cancer and even though his body was done his mind was not.
    His soul came to me in the middle of the night seeming a bit distressed and lost. All of my other dogs climbed into my bed and snuggled with him comforting him. I spoke with him letting him know that his body couldn’t hold his soul any longer and that he was free. He left us willingly and we all slept hard till morning. Today is a little bit empty without his physical form here but I know he is better off.
    I am always amazed and yet not at the same time at how intuitive and knowing animals are. My other dogs knew Sarge was there and they just did what they do, give comfort.

  2. Eric Thorton says:

    Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for sharing your story! it is beautiful!. What you were compelled to do was/is very difficult. I appaud your actions in caring for sarge. Sarge is not gone and he can visit from time to time. He will most likely be at your home for a few weeks. What I have seen is that over a fairly short period of time they learn again what fun it is to be out of a body. They then spend more and more time away from your place visiting periodically.They tend to visit more when we need a boost! Animals are considered an innocent and their souls have no agenda except to please their people.

    Nice to hear from you!