In-depth Article: Possessions and Demons

Graphic composition of opposing forces colliding against each other can be seen as a representation of possessions and demons
Photo by Lamerton on Flickr Commons

During the last year I’ve been watching what is going on concerning the planet through my own experiences as well as many of my clients’ experiences. I want to briefly cover a subject that is not easy to talk about in our society: possessions and demons.

Quite often, clients ask me if they do exist and how much effect they have on our personal day-to-day lives.

As always, this information comes from my experiences as I see through the gifts that I am used for.  Recently, I had a client that has several movement type spiritual practices. After the first session, she stood up and commented, “Wow. I feel so much lighter!” Then she started some spiritual-physical movement commenting:  “I wonder if you can answer this question? When I do this movement this way (showing me), it is always free and easy but when I do it the opposite way (reversing the movement) it is always…(hesitant pause, think, move, hesitate again), it WAS so much harder.” As she was moving, she smiled after realizing that we had freed her body from what was restricting the movement. (It was a powerful possession that was inhibiting her movements.) It was then that this client realized the spiritual work is very real! But quite often, my work deals with the less than pleasant aspects of humanity. Some of the unpleasant spiritual work that I do also help to restore people to a more positive existence so that one by one, people heal creating a spiritual butterfly effect within their lives as well as the lives of others.

It is my experience that possessions and demons do in fact very much exist. (Remember that everything is energy!)  These entities exist at many different levels: from weak, what might be called small and incidental, to what might be described as purposeful, powerful large possessions/demons, affecting individuals, families, businesses, groups of people, physical items, animals, and even worldwide humanity.

Briefly, all possessions are individual beings that are given life with specific purpose by what is often referred to in various cultures as God/Yahweh/spirit /creator/the life force. These beings have the sole purpose to cause us grist or suffering so that we are agitated enough to search for answers. Their primary function is to teach us how to search for answers and ultimately find God through our personal faith. There is always a reason the energy is there. The key is that the information has to be discovered to make removal easy and complete.

Interestingly, there is quite often more than one possession that is working together with one of these being the specific leader. This combination of possessions is often referred to as a demon. They affect the victim on multiple levels making it more difficult to remove through typical exorcisms. With discovery, I have seen that there is always a reason for its existence. God does not make mistakes. It is my experience that all possessions and demons are ultimately for the Education of the Soul and are meant to eventually create wisdom and faith.

These life forms affect the people they are involved with directly. They influence our physical and mental health as well as emotional and spiritual processing and daily decision-making. A possible indication (there are many) that the issue(s) are of this nature can be that the conditions do not clear up under normal treatment. You might be surprised that many of the major themes portrayed in movies, TV shows, and books are loosely based on actual real-life experiences.

The reason I have chosen this time to write this brief article is that: “Planetary energies fluctuate for many reasons much like a pendulum. Of late this energy has swung in favor of these beings at an international level, and all of us are being affected by these phenomena in one way or another:

  • Individually, these possessions and demons can easily make us short tempered, full of doubt, and confuse our truths, causing division, added anxiety, fears and the resulting lack of effective unity.
  • They can also readily force us to lay blame on others.
  • They can blind us so we’re not able to understand and have compassion for our own misfortunes and those of others, thus dividing families, friends, communities, and nations.
  • These experiences often leave the individual with minor to severe physical and mentally disturbed constructs. At first, these show up as extra anxieties beyond a person’s normal level with increased anxieties easily leading to more physical and mental illnesses under certain circumstances. Sometimes energetic holes show up that leave individuals open to further energetic pollution. Most will make the association with these increased levels as a continuation of what they already believe about themselves or they will see others through their anxieties and lay blame on someone else or another group. Maybe you can see how this easily spirals to a point of severe individual and national stress, which can freeze the actions of individuals and groups as well as entire nations much like a deer in headlights?
  • In ancient times, a healer’s primary function was to keep this type of mass hysteria from happening. They commonly performed individual and group exorcisms to prevent untruths from causing mass fear effectively promoting compassion and love instead of hatred including profiling and prejudice leading to constant war and isolation. Was this a perfect system? No. Healers generally cannot work on much more than the individual or small group levels.

With this old bit of knowledge, it might be worth reflecting about how these national energies may have affected you as an individual, your family, friends, the nation as well as the international communities.

As always, I am here to help you own your life and restore free will again. Many recent clients have been reporting feeling much more hopeful and kind after their sessions. The national energies are persistent and very real fears are constantly being thrown at us on a daily basis.  The good news is that we shall all persist and prevail!

Many blessings to you all,


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