EDUCATING THE SOUL: Spiritual Healing and Our Eternal Psychology


When Eric Thorton was a little boy, he assumed all people felt energy coursing through their hands into the bodies of sick friends and perceived the inner pain others tried to hide. He thought everyone experienced the visceral call of California’s giant redwoods, and he wondered whether others, too, sometimes felt the pain of the stigmata on their palms.

With age, Eric learned to hide these natural gifts. He continued to feel the physical and emotional pain of others, but he turned his attention to developing a career as a contractor, marrying, and starting a family. Ultimately, it was a customer whose house he was renovating who finally called him to embrace his gift of moving energy to improve the health of others. Today, Eric supports his ordinary family in their ordinary home as an ordinary neighbor who happens to have extraordinarily developed—but very natural—powers of healing.


Educating the Soul, a book “given” to the severely dyslexic Eric by his spiritual guides, first traces Eric’s personal journey to his master healer/medium practice. With his own story laid bare, he goes on to explain the unprecedented glimpses into soul-level information of others to empower them to heal themselves physically and emotionally through divine energy. His experiences present the body as a vessel for the soul’s education.

Reviews:Rita F. Amer on Amazon wrote:

This book reflects some of the basics of Eric's healing work on the interface between out human selves and our spiritual selves. Eric explains how the past lives of our spirits (in this dimension and in other dimensions) and the lessons we came to into this realm to learn affect and are affected by our current mental, emotional and physical condition.

I have experienced healing sessions with Eric. This book is a great introduction to not only Eric's healing work; it also shows that any one of us can tap into our potential for self-healing and spiritual growth, if only we know how.

Susan on Amazon wrote:

An amazing true story about an incredible life journey and where that has led. Eric Thorton is the real deal, a normal guy with the extraordinary gift of healing. I read the book and then made an appointment to see him. It was the most important appointment I've ever made. If you feel there is no hope for your situation (whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) or if you feel ok but you think your life could be better ... then I recommend you read this book and then go see the man!