Introductory Healing Sessions

Integrity/Discovery Session 45 mins – $200 This session provides an interactive telephone discussion with Eric for personal questions as well as an overview of what Eric anticipates for your healing sessions.  Specifically, this session is geared towards individuals who have personal questions and wish to understand how Eric’s healing work will apply to their lives. Please make a list of your questions and desires before your appointment so no time is wasted.

Initial Healing Session

4 hours – $900

Here we offer distance healing sessions via a telephone.  This session will be based on what your guide’s request to be completed.  Eric desires that all new clients fill out the online intake forms that will soon be available.

Request Eric’s Services

Interested in a session? Simply fill out the form below or contact Eric by telephone at 1-888-838-5341. Eric’s assitant, Judy, will reach out to you to help you with the booking process.