It’s been a couple of weeks and probably the best way to describe the post session effects is that I feel I’m coming back to life. A new life! Thank you again for your wonderful work and the sincerity with which you’ve offered it!

—Sue H.

I am enjoying my transitions with a new zest to life! Thank you for your time!

—Becky F.

My gifts have been enhanced so much that I am able to use them with my clients on a daily basis!

—Phoebe. S.

I do not understand this but I feel great and now I am searching for my path again!

—Mike J.

I feel something major has shifted and my depression and anxiety are getting less everyday!

—Kelly R.

I had so many questions that I wanted it to go on forever!

—Tim S.

Thank you so much Eric! Your gifts are absolutely amazing. I have been to many healers but there are none with your gifts and the way you present the information in a none judgmental way is perfect! I feel incredibly better.

—Maggie G.

Eric is absolutely amazing! He actually talks directly with the Angels. There is no guessing or generalizations. The information was from my life! There was no way he could have known any of it!

—Judy M.