Your book caught my eye at airport on the way home to Thailand. I could not stop reading. I finished it before landing.  I got home and I had to call and make an appointment for the next time I was in the Seattle area.  Eric I am happy I met you.  Eric you changed my life forever!

—E. W.

I called you because a friend kept telling me to. Every time we have a phone session I am amazed! Your insight into my life’s experiences does not stop amazing me! I have learned so much from these sessions that I apply in my life. I am much happier and more content then ever before. My physical issues just seem to fade away.

—Bill B.

OMG I have had PTSD from the first Iraq war. I ruined my life. I have been in therapy for years and nothing. One visit to you and it was gone! The weird part is I did not tell you about it! You just saw it in me and you saw exactly what caused it. It was as if you were there! Thank you for using your gifts!

—John H.

Dear Eric, I could not have gotten through this entire ordeal with out you, and my Guides! This has definitely been a life changing event and I plan to live a long full and healthy life! Thank You!

—Tucker C.

Dear Eric, A simple thank you is not enough for all that you have done for me from day one. From the bottom of my new beating heart I thank you!

—Connie F.

Eric, Thank you Thank you, Thank you, We are so blessed to have you in our life!!

—NP and MR

Eric, thank you very much for your time and gifts. I feel literally lighter and I think I am feeling joy as I just keep giggling like a kid! Such relief!

—Michelle S.

Thank you for speaking with my friend and for providing us with a more complete picture with which to work in my ongoing therapy!


Thank you again for your enormous generosity in time, information and spirit. Our session together was both profound and grounding, supplying me with the missing “keys” for deeper understanding and clarity regarding my current and past situations.